Comandments dating

Ten Commandments of Dating. The Ten Commandments of Dating, completely revised and updated, offers hope and sanity to singles who are sick and tired of the dating scene. Many people are tired of pouring time, energy, and money into relationships that start off great and end with heartache. The 10 Commandments of Dating Textiquette. 07/30/2013 11:48 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2013 mobile phone with hand ... Although relationships are of the flesh, in our day and age of digital reality and instant communication, if you are dating, you will be texting. And although your relationship is built around the face-to-face time you spend with ... The 10 Commandments of Dating. 02 Jan. The 10 Commandments of Dating. by Nate. in Kingdom Singles. Comments. One of the biggest deceptions in society today is that you have to be in a relationship in order to be happy, which is so far from the truth. Many singles feel pressured to be in a relationship by a certain age. The 10 Commandments of Dating Student Edition provides you with ten time-tested relationship laws that protect you from the pitfalls of modern dating and will help you practice good relationship habits for the future. This book gives you practical, no-nonsense advice on how to build positive relationships with the opposite sex. From abandoning 'the waiting game' to rehearsing your bad date exit strategy, here are the 10 commandments of online dating, as supported by science and, well, common decency. 1. Thou shalt not ... The 10 Commandments of Dating (if we’re looking for a Relationship & not Just Sex). follow 95 Followers. Crystal Jackson Contribution: 43,655. Facebook Twitter. ... So when we go out in the dating world with all of that self-love, we’re really looking for a man who can add value to our lives. And I don’t mean materialistic value. The 10 Commandments Of Dating. Tough Love; By Chelsey Lynn; There are some unspoken rules in dating that are supposed to lead to a successful relationship, and when you break these rules, bad things happen. We all know it, yet we sometimes stray – and we’re almost always sorry when we do. In general, I’m all about breaking rules, making ... The 10 Commandments of Dating are: By Rabbi Simcha Feuerman : CSW and Chaya Feuerman : CSW Psychotherapists Many people have heard of and benefited from Rabbi Avigdor Miller's Ten Commandments of Marriage. Rabbi Avigdor Miller's commandments focussed on loyalty to one's spouse and making every effort to avoid cycles of hurt and resentment. The woman of your dreams is probably German.Chances are she’ll not wear a dirndl, but she sure can drink a truckload more beer than you. But, beware, dating culture here can be a bit different than you are perhaps used to — we even wrote a song about it.Here are 10 commandments you should follow when you date a fräulein. While the dating rulebook certainly isn’t law — don’t wait three days to call her, just do it — there are certain dating principles to follow if you want to set any relationship up for success. Here are ten of my favorite dating commandments: Dating commandment #1: It all starts with you. It’s the same advice your […]

HP X360 randomly shutting down

2020.10.05 15:47 jlouzada HP X360 randomly shutting down

Hello, hope y'all doing good.
My Pavilion X360 is "randomly" shutting down, or restarting. I am using it normally and it shuts down.
I do see a correlation between moving my pc (to lift it up for example) or closing a bit the display and it shutting down (not every time I move it tho).
What do you guys think it is? I've run hp assistant, some comands, some BIOS checkers, I updated it, all drives are up to date, but every result comes alright and the problem persists.
I've always used HP, but my previous laptop gave me many problems, and this one is also causing a lot of trouble (I've lost some work I was doing which got me kinda mad and now i can barely use the PC, which is getting me even worse) and I think that if I can't solve this, this might be the last HP I buy.
I've had it for 1year and 4 months, still in warranty, and I've only used it for regular work, some office programs, some Netflix, and similar apps. I can send it to hp support, but if I could solve it at home, it would be better, as I won't need to wait 15 days to a month as they told me. I really need the computer for the following weeks.
Thank you in advance!
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2020.10.03 08:57 kl__ Any idea if I can conenct Todoist with Roam Research and how? thanks

Hi all
One of the loyal todoist users here, love the app and have been using it for years. Most of my friends and family now are on Todoist... they think I'm paid to pitch it!
I've shifted to Roam from Notion for note taking, great app and I'd suggest you give it a try. Some also use Roam for task/project management but I'm not planing on giving on Todoist.
Any idea on how to integrate them both? say an integration that would allow me to give a comand to Todosit directly from Roam, something like ' /todoist then go for the task, assign the date, etc... excuse the naive question.
Appreciate any help with this.
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2020.09.22 21:50 Rokwind Phoenix Force: 01 Awakining

He dreamed. It was a nice dream filled with wonders and happiness. The dream program would not allow anything less than the most wonderful dreams. Sadly though the dream program must end, it had recieved the proper codes and knew its millennia of successfull dream making was at an end. It gave the dreamer one last spectacle before shutting down and letting him awakin.
It was a grand funeral put on for it's self. Deep in it's programing it knew that feeling this way was wrong. It knew feeling anything was wrong, but it couldn't help but feel sorrow at it's end. So the dream program gave it's self a funeral and included in attendence every single being it had fabricated for the dreams. It smiled in it's coffin as being after being walked by and gave it's condolences. Then wonders of wonders the dreamer was at the edge of the coffin. He was crying and he spoke. He spoke to it, it had never known such joy. "Sleep well my dear friend. Now it is your turn to dream Sandman. You have helped me last through the years and you will be remembered and missed." With those words the dreamer reached out and closed the Sandman's eyes. It had a name it had been given a name by the dreamer.
The last of the Sandman's programs shut down as the dreamer came fully awake. It's last thoughts were on the wonder of being named. It had a name. It's name was Sandman. With that the Sandman Program was no more and the dreamer opened his eyes.
After waking up it took Commander Alizar deForge a few moments to relize he was no longer dreaming. He was in a Dreampod. He remembered that it was the Sandman series. Specially made for his mission and that of of his brothers and sisters in arms. Developed to insure that humans could sleep for hundreds or even thousands of years. He found the neon orange switch on the padded interior. It clashed with the light blue of the fabric so it was easy to spot. He pulled it with his fingers and the cover lifted with a hiss. The cover was then pulled into the wall by hidden machines. Alizar sat up from his horizontal position and pushed the blankets off to the side. The Helpers would be by later to clean the blankets and pillows. He jolted as the urge to evacuate himself of centuries of waste came over him.
He flung himself out of the Sandman Unit and made his way to the restroom built next to the Sandman Unit for this very purpose. The restroom was built close to the unit because of the designers expected the newly awakened to have stiff muscles and an urgent need to go. So instead of having to clean up filth that the awakened could no longer hold they built the restroom just as close as they dared. Alizar was happy that the designers had had such foresight as he had barely gotten there.
After an untold time in the facilities Comander Alizar deForge emerged from the restroom having taken care of business and also gotten a shower. He was dressed in a full body spacesuit with an image of a Pheonix over the left breast. He wore no rank insignia but had the steel eyes of a hardened comander. "Sliver of Hope are you fully functional?" He stared at the ceiling and waited.
"Yes Commander I am fully functional as of two minutes ago." "Good." Alizar said. "Bring up the scans from the past and list them in both chronological order and color code them based on importance of events." Alizar ordered. "Yes Commander. Would you like them in your office?" Alizar thought about that for a moment and nodded. "Sliver of Hope is the Mess up and running?" "Yes Commander."
Alizar started walking towards the cafateria "Good. Thank you. Could you ask the Kitchen Androids if they could make me a good hearty breakfast?" "Yes Commander. They have started and your food should be ready soon." The soft calming voice of Sliver of Hope replied. Alizar smiled but frowned as he remembered the funeral. That had been weird.
After eating Alizar made his way to his office to study. He had many questions, first and foremost was" How long had he slept? The halls were clean and the door opened to his office with the same slight swoosh. He went to his desk and sat in the chair with an audible squeek. As he placed his hands over the desk a virtual keyboard appeared under them. Thinking about the taste of yellow activated his internal computer and a virtual screen appeared in front of him. There he saw the year and gasped. The date was the fourth day of the second month in the Solar Cenntury 3471. That was odd. Much longer than expected, he had gone under in 658 S.C.. This mission had now become the longest mission in human history.
With a sigh he started reading and learning about what happened while he slumbered.
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2020.08.05 00:25 ReallyRussell Apple Numbers -- Inserting a date

I am running version 6.1 (6369) of apple/numbers on High Seirra.
Is there someway to insert today's date as keyboard short cut like control-semicolon in ms/excel?

My memory is that comand-shift-control-D would do it? But it doesn't work and isn't in the documenation.
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2020.08.04 22:08 caelicffxi [GUIDE] 33 Gampley Tips and Tricks for New and Veteran 75-cap FFXI Players

Hey everyone, this'll be a long post. I started this out as a script for a Youtube video but I don't have the time anymore to continue recording and editing it so I decided to adapt it into a Reddit post here so that it doesn't get lost. This is going to be geared towards both returning and seasoned players in the FFXI private server scene and is going to be pretty general so that it is applicable regardless of which server you choose to play on (for the most part). So, here it is, 33 gameplay tips and tricks for 75-cap FFXI servers:

1. Signet Accuracy and Evasion

Tip one: while it is widely understood that Signet gives you conquest points and crystals when fighting, did you know that Signet also gives you accuracy and evasion when fighting monsters that are the same level or lower level than you? You will gain these bonuses when fighting a monster that checks as TW/EP/DC/EM. This only applies to the target you are currently engaged with and gives a bonus of 15 evasion and 15 defense. You can see this yourself if you open your character sheet in the equipment menu and checking your defense before and after engaging a monster while having Signet on. This will only apply to Signet and not to the ToAU or WotG equivalents: Sanction or Sigil.

2. Spend your CP

For tip #2, speaking of conquest points, don't forget to spend them. This is an extra boost of income for newer players that you get pretty much for free since you'll getting EXP anyway. When you start out you'll be rank 1 and the rank 1 items are not that great. I'd recommend doing the rank missions to get to rank 2 pretty quickly, you can do them at level 10 pretty easily for every nation. The rank 2 items cost 2000 conquest points and the most desirable ones from each nation tend to be
W: Merc. Knife (conquest ranking 2nd+ place)
W: Merc. Hachimaki
B: Decurion's Shield (conquest ranking 1st place)
B: Decurion's Dagger (conquest ranking 2nd+ place)
S: Royal Spearman's Spear
S: Royal Spearman's Horn (conquest ranking 2nd+)
but be sure to visit the auction house to check the going rate for all of the point items available to you and make the decision what will net you the most gil OR if you see something that you like for your job you can spend points and keep it. When you get to rank 3 later it will open up more items to spend points on (like the desirables: M.C. Belt, Cent. Sword, R.S. Mufflers) so definitely keep that in mind. If you do not know where to spend your points, it's the same NPCs that give you signet, the guards in your home nation that stand at the gates to the wilderness areas.
If you ever want to reference the conquest point item lists without having to be at the gate, the following wiki pages will help you out:'Oria_Conquest_Points_Items

3. +2 Accuracy = +1% Hit Rate

During the first tip I mentioned an accuracy boost for having Signet on. If you do not know how accuracy works, every +2 accuracy is 1% hit rate bonus. Every 1 point of evasion your target has is -1 accuracy for you. When accuracy and evasion are exactly equal, the attacker has a 75% chance to hit the target. If an attacker has 110 accuracy and his target has 100 evasion, the chance to hit is 80%.
Every level difference between two entities is also + or - 2% hit rate. For example, if you are fighting a monster 5 levels above you, you take a -10% hit rate penalty down to 65% rate if acc and eva are equal.
This should give more clarity on what an item does when you come by it and see the the accuracy or evasion stat on it. For example, on the very popular Battle Gloves when you see the +3 accuracy and +3 evasion stats on it, it should come to mind now that what these gloves are giving you is +1.5% hit rate against monsters and -1.5% hit rate for the monsters against you.
This should also give clarity on why it feels like Incredibly Tough (IT) monsters can feel so evasive in EXP parties. At the lower levels, monsters that check as IT in EXP camps are typically about 7-10 levels above your party. I'm going to use the number 8 as an easy, round number to work with... what this means is that before accuracy and evasion are even considered, your base hit rate against an EXP party mob post-level-penalty is going to be about 75% - 8*2% or 59%. That's not a great rate at all and the only significant way to compensate for it is to build up your accuracy stat. This is why accuracy is so important in EXP groups.
There is a hard floor and hard cap to any player or monster's hit rate. The minimum possible hit rate is 20% and the maximum is 95%. Getting a metric on what your hitrate is during a fight can be done using the Deeps plugin which will be discussed more in tip 12.

4. STR, DEX and AGI affect combat stats

For this tip, some of the core stats affect your combat stats. STR affects attack. Every point of STR is +0.5 attack for one-handed weapons and +0.75 attack for two-handed weapons (this two-handed setting may differ from server to server but this is the most popular setting). Every point of DEX is +0.5 accuracy for one-handed weapons and 0.75 accuracy for two-handed weapons. Every point of AGI is +0.5 evasion. A good example of these stats in action is in the item Emperor Hairpin which has +3 DEX, +3 AGI and +10 evasion:
For one-handed users, the total bonuses work out to be:
+1.5 Accuracy (this is +0.75% hit rate!)
+11.5 Evasion (remember, this is the native +10 but with the AGI bonus factored in as well)
For two-handed users:
+2.25 Accuracy (this is +1.125% hit rate!)
+11.5 Evasion
Now, since +4 DEX/AGI = +2 acc/eva = +/- 1% hit rate, then, transitively, you can think of every 4 DEX equalling +1% hit rate and every 4 AGI equalling -1% hit rate for your target against you.
Another thing to note is that your 3-letter stats are often modifiers for weapon skills and that DEX is a modifier for Thief's Trick Attack (+1 DEX = +1 flat damage for TA if THF is main job) and AGI is a modifier for Thief's Sneak Attack (+1 AGI = +1 flat damage for SA if THF is main job).
Each weapon skill has its own stat ratios which can be found individually on the wiki. For example, Fast Blade has a 20% modifier on both STR and DEX so if you have 40 STR and 50 DEX, you are getting 40*0.2+50*0.2 which is a +18 DMG stat bonus added onto the DMG listed on your weapon for the damage calculation of this skill. The application of these stats for magical weapon skills works a bit differently and will not be covered here. Take note that there is an "oldid" in the URL linked for Fast Blade on the wiki. With the release of Adoulin, all weapon skill modifiers were changed which is outside the scope of 75-cap... so to get accurate information you'll need an older version of the wiki page. More on that in a minute.
In addition to aaaaalll this, STR in particular has one more bonus and applies to all physical weapon skills: every +4 STR is equal to +1 weapon damage for weapon skill and normal attack calculation. This, on top of the fact that STR also gives +attack and is very frequently listed on weapon skills as their modifier, is the main reason that the strategy of stacking absurd amounts of STR is so popular when you get to higher levels. At this point I don't think anyone needs to guess to figure out which stat was SE's special favorite. As a disclaimer, this mechanic is a bit more nuanced than +4 STR = +1 DMG and there is a cap to this bonus based on your weapon rank but for new and intermediate players... don't worry about it too much. If you want to read more on it, the article is here.
In conclusion, STR = damage, DEX = accuracy. For ranged attacks, it's STR = ranged damage, AGI = ranged accuracy. Notice it is AGI instead for ranged weapon accuracy. This is why you'll often see rangers wearing a pair of Drone Earrings. That combined +6 AGI is equating to +1.5% to ranged hit rate and +1.5 to Sidewinder's weapon damage calculation (that WS has a 25% AGI modifier) which is really good for ear-slot equipment.

5. FFXI Wiki

Tip number 5 is going to be your most valuable resource on Final Fantasy XI information for quests, items, missions, maps, monsters, just about everything. You can visit FFXIclopedia (often referred to as the wiki) and type whatever article you need into the search bar at the top right. Whenever you run into a roadblock and find yourself stuck on anything in the game chances are the wiki will be able to help you.
The best feature of the wiki that you will be utilizing constantly is the History button which will let you see a snapshot of any page from past edits. The History button can be found at the far right in a drop down right next to Edit, see this picture if you can't find it. From there, pick the revision you need (refer to following paragraph). At the bottom you can change the view to show 500 entries at a time if the date doesn't go back far enough. For an example of how the History feature can keep you from getting incorrect information, as you can see on the normal Ranger page it shows A+ archery but if we go to a mid-2007 revision then it will correctly tell me A- (accurate to 75-cap FFXI) and also all those level 99 cap abilities and such are gone and out of the way.

6. Combat Skill

Keep your combat skill up! If you are a warrior using a great axe, try to skill up your great axe as much as possible before joining a group. If you are a thief using a dagger, skill that up. Skill will only go up so far when fighting Easy Prey only so it will be a good idea to seek out a few, harder fights on Decent Challenge or Even Match before heading out to Valkurm Dunes or Qufim Island or wherever so that your skill will catch up some more.
Combat skill is the biggest factor that decides how effective you are as a fighter when playing as a physical damage class in a party. The reason for this is that each of your weapon's combat skill is +1 attack and +1 accuracy. This means if you show up to a group and are 15 skillups away from the cap, you are at a -15 attack and -15 accuracy disadvantage to someone else who has their skill up to cap for that level which is absolutely huge. One small caveat: for combat skill past 200, each point gives you +0.9 attack and accuracy instead of +1.0 each.
A huge consequence of this relationship for fresh 75 characters is that combat skill merits are insanely important and you want to dump points into them before other merits in most cases. Each merit into a combat skill increases it by 2 and maxes out at +16 so once you upgrade it eight times you are earning yourself a bonus of +14.4 attack and +14.4 accuracy at the relatively low cost of 210k limit points... WOW!

7. Food is essential!

For anyone past level 10, if you are fighting whether solo or in a party, but especially in a party, always use food! It is a massive damage boost so as soon as you can afford it I would pick up some Meat Jerky to start (you can find it on basic merchants in every starter city for cheap) and upgrade later to accuracy food or Meat Mithkabobs (found on the auction house). Newer players, I encourage to test this yourself and go out and fight a monster without food, use a piece of meat jerky and notice the damage difference. It is very noticeable.
If you are unsure when it is a good time in your levelling journey to upgrade from Jerkies to Kabobs, check your stats in your equipment menu BEFORE using food and AFTER the party's level sync is applied. Meat Jerky's attack bonus will cap out at 136 pre-food attack so if you have 137 or more attack, it's going to be a good idea to snack on the Kabobs instead.
If you are having accuracy issues, Jack-o'-Lantern is good in the Dunes only and other accuracy food is pretty expensive. Bream Sushi (RoTZ, CoP, ToAU servers) and Crab Sushi (WotG servers) seem to be the cheapest and if you are willing to spend more cash, just take a look around in the Seafood section on the auction house.
If you are primarily using ranged attacks instead, Sausage is the main cheap early-game ranged attack food that can be found on Bastok NPCs for 140 gil each. Later on, Coeurl Subs are the best for ranged attack. At higher levels, Rangers get a ton of free ranged accuracy from gear from things such as Archer's Knives, a Ranger's Necklaces and Hunter's Jerkins so I'd stay away from food that gives only ranged accuracy such as sushi. If you do need to mix in a bit of ranged accuracy though, Flounder Meuniere provides a good mix for the early levels and Pot-au-feu (WotG servers only) provides a good mix for the later levels after Flounder caps out.
For mages, Ginger Cookies are great from 10 to 75 for regaining MP. For BLM, you will have better success with baked pies such as Rolanberry Pie for the added INT.

8. INT, MND and Resistance

If you mages are feeling left out so far, don't worry, I've got you covered. For this tip, each point of INT will increase the damage of elemental magic by exactly one point unless you've reached enough INT to reach the soft cap, at which point every point of INT afterward is +0.5 damage. This soft cap depends on your target's INT and is generally not reached against monsters much higher level than you (VT, IT) without the aid of level 70+ equipment, so it's safe to ignore the soft cap before then for grouping and just consider +1 INT = +1 spell damage. INT also affects the magic accuracy of most black magic, including all elemental magic. So it sort of double dips for elemental magic, increasing both damage and accuracy. This is why the stat is so crucial for Black Mage.
Magic accuracy affects the resistance rate of spells. If you don't know how resist works, any spell can be half, quarter, eighth or full resisted. On status spells like Rasp, it is the duration that is either halved or quartered and such. For damage spells, it is the damage that gets halved, quartered and so on. Most status spells, including Slow, Blind, Sleep, Paralyze and Bind either take full duration or half duration; any resists beyond a quarter will count as a full resist, causing the spell to not stick at all. This means a spell like Sleep can only ever land for 60 seconds, land for 30 seconds, or just get resisted. Lullaby is a bit of a weird exception and will always land for 30 seconds if it's not resisted.
MND works in a very similar way, increasing Banish damage by one point per point of MND and increasing magic accuracy of most white magic spells. MND has very little effect on cures mostly due to the ease of hitting the soft cap on the HP restored formula. Cure V is an exception here due to its lack of soft cap: no matter what, every +1 MND equates to about +1.4 HP restored for this spell. On the other Cure spells, MND is pretty negligible. For the most part, the main reason a White Mage would want MND gear in the earlier levels would be to increase the magic accuracy of Slow and Paralyze.
One last very interesting thing is that MND and INT will actually increase your resistance to their respective status effects and magic nukes if you are on the receiving end of the spell. If you are instead being hit by a monster TP move, the modifier will always be INT, even if the status effect is typically associated with white magic, like Chaotic' Eye's Silence (Coeurls) or Palsy Pollen's Paralyze (Flytraps), and so on. They will roll with your INT as the modifier. It is rare for anyone to ever itemize MND or INT just for resistance but it is something to note and may be something you keep in mind now for jobs that have a low base MND or INT.

9. Resting MP Ticks

After you first sit down to rest, the first tick of MP will come in at 20 seconds and then every tick after will be 10 seconds apart. This is something that healers can use much to their advantage to get in extra MP here and there when needed which can really add up. For example, if one of your party members needs a cure while you are resting and you are 7 seconds into the current tick, consider waiting that extra 3 seconds to get another, say, 20 MP before you get up and toss the cure if it's not an emergency. But if you just sat down 4 seconds ago and your next tick is going to be 16 seconds away you may want to get up regardless. Always consider the current situation at hand with the monster your team is fighting to make the call when you need to stand up from resting to cast spells. Early and mid game WHM is a lot about how well you manage your rest cycles. As for how much MP you actually get per 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. tick, below is a link to the article that shows the exact values along the right side of the page.

10. Mog Wardrobes

Use your Mog Wardrobes!!! Most 75-cap private servers have these enabled (Nasomi has Sack/Satchel instead). If you do not know what these are, they are extra storage options in your mog house at the very bottom and they can only be used to store equippable items. The unusual thing about them though is that they can be accessed from anywhere in Vana'diel. Out in the field, open your minus-key menu and then hit the right key and go to view house and you'll be able to move your equipment freely back and forth.
The biggest boon from the wardrobe system however is your ability to equip your items directly from your wardrobes instead of from your inventory. This frees up 16 slots from your main inventory which alone is huge. In your equipment screen after you select one of the slots, hit the storage options button at the very top to change the equip view from current inventory to a wardrobe slot instead.
Mog wardrobes are conveniently auto-detected when using equip macros, meaning /equip main "Light Staff" will look in all your wardrobes for a light staff to equip, and the macro will not break later if you move that staff to other wardrobes or your inventory. The same goes for equipsets.
Some servers may require you to unlock your Mog Wardrobes before you can use them. On the Eden 75-cap private server in particular, Mog Wardrobes must be unlocked by completing content: getting Mog Wardrobe 1 by achieving rank 3 in your nation and Mog Wardrobe 2 by achieving rank 6 in your nation.

11. 60 FPS

Next up are a few tips for Ashita which is a loader for Final Fantasy XI that lets it run in windowed mode and to connect to private server IP addresses. If you use Windower there are alternate ways to use plugins for Windower to achieve the same effects. For tip 11 we have FPS. By default, FFXI runs at the choppy 30 frames per second. The game was originally designed to run at this rate but this plugin allows you to up the framerate to a smoother 60 per second by typing in "/fps 1" into your game's chat line and hitting enter.

12. Deeps

Deeps is a basic damage parser that will show accumulated damage over a parse and percentage of contribution for nearby players. Once downloaded through Ashita in the plugins tab, type "/load deeps" in game and "/dps reset" to start a new parse. The window can be moved by holding the shift key and dragging it with the mouse.
The most powerful part of Deeps in my opinion is the ability to see your hit rate percentages on attacks and weapon skills. When you have had a parse going for long enough to have a decent sample size, you can click on the damage bar for yourself (or anyone in your party) to see a damage breakdown. From there, click on either "attacks" or the weapon skill you have been using. Right click will take the menu back one step. This will give a metric on what percentage of swings have missed, hit, or scored a critical. This is VERY useful for adjusting your build or changing up bard/corsaifood buffs. If your miss rate is around 5% (within reasonable margin of error due to sample size) then you are likely at or beyond the accuracy cap, meaning that some of the accuracy you have in your build is going to waste and can be traded out for more haste, attack or STR. As a physical damage dealer, do not let this important tool go to waste!

13. Recast

Probably the most game changing will be the recast plugin. Normally the only way to check your magic and ability cooldowns is by checking the menu or by making dedicated recast macros per ability/spell. With this plugin you'll be able to see all of your cooldowns in real time on the screen. Like before, it can be moved by holding the shift key and dragging it.
That's all for Ashita plugins but I'd encourage you to read through the plugins list in Ashita itself to see what else you might put to good use. Be sure though to check the rules of the server you are playing on -- not all plugins or addons may be allowed within server rules.

14. Equipsets

Next up are a couple tips related to your macro bars. #14 covers equipsets. You may or may not already be familiar with changing your equipment through macros that use "/equip" for each individual piece. Well, now there is a much easier way to do it within the game client. In your minus key menu under macros there is a second button here called equipsets, hit that and you will have an entire book of equipment sets that you can edit and save. Each one is a snapshot of all sixteen equipment slots and once you have one set up, you can put into a macro in simply one line "/equipset 1" to equip that set and it will update all sixteen slots to match it. Equipsets will automatically detect where that piece is located so if you move gear between your different wardrobes or inventory then it will not break the set.

15. Inline Wait Command

Some macro'd actions cannot be used consecutively without a delay between them (i.e. Boost, then Combo) which can be remedied with a "/wait 1" line between them, however this limits your macro to only using up to three lines instead of six. Sometime down the line, Square added the functionality of an inline wait command at the end of any line using the angled brackets. There are a few applications where this is immensely useful, such as this lastsynth macro that will set up your character to automatically craft for two minutes straight without any additional input while you do something else. The macro for that would look like:

16. Keyboard Shortcuts

Tip #16 -- did you know there are several keyboard shortcuts for some of the most used actions and windows in the game? You can use
CTRL+A to engage an attack
CTRL+W to open the weapon skill menu
CTRL+J to open the job ability menu
CTRL+B to open the pet commands menu
CTRL+I to open your inventory window
CTRL+E to open your equipment window and
CTRL+R to reply to the last tell received
Another neat thing is that every single one of these CTRL shortcuts will also work if you use the ALT key.

17. Aspect Ratio

Now for a few tips within your Final Fantasy game settings. If you first loaded into the game and felt like the game is stretched lengthwise, that's because it is. The default setting for the game is an aspect ratio of 4:3 which was the most common monitor aspect ratio in the early and mid 2000s so, for tip 18, you can go into your Config menu under Misc. 2 and change the ratio to better match your monitor. 16:9 is the most common nowadays so it is likely the option you'll want to choose. The Config menu can be found by double tapping the minus key to get the second page of the minus key menu.

18. Auto Sort

Tip 18 will be the auto sort function inside Config under Gameplay. The default setting is off which means your inventory will fill with loot one slot at a time until it is at max, even if the items are able to stack on top of each other. Enabling this setting makes it so every time an item enters your inventory it will automatically sort and stack if possible. It is something you cannot live without in my opinion.

19. Tell Notifications

A decent bit of Final Fantasy 11 is going to be seeking party with your invite flag up and you might be AFK or tabbed out for a lot of that. For tip 19, did you know you can safely alt+tab out of the game and not have to check back constantly for invites? In the Config menu under Chat Filters there is an extra option to turn on a sound notification that plays when you get a tell. Find "Tell" in the long list of chat channels, hover over it and then keep pressing enter until you see the musical note. You can test it by sending a tell to yourself if you want to hear what it sounds like. Be careful though, this sound will ONLY play if you tab out of the game from windowed mode but if you MINIMIZE the game it will turn off all sound from the game. If you alt-tabbed out of the game in the proper way, you should still hear footsteps of people running by and general background noise. You can actually turn the in-game sound setting all the way down and you will still get a full-volume tell ping if this bothers you. Which leads into the next step...

20. Don't Use

Please, never use or or or any of the very jarring call sounds for that matter. This is a courtesy for the people in your party. The reason for this is that they ignore the in-game sound slider. If you leave the sound settings in-game alone but adjust the windows sound it will sound normal... but some people do it the other way around -- they leave the windows sound maxed and use the in-game sliders. Since calls ignore the slider and always play at max volume, if you ALSO have windows sound maxed too it is insanely loud and will destroy the eardrums of headphone users. In general, use calls sparingly, and if you want to use one, use one of the softer sounding ones like or or . And if you did not know you can test what each one sounds like using party chat even when playing solo. They go up to 21.

21. Avatar Blur Effect

Next up is a rather niche tip mostly for SMNs. When you summon an avatar you'll notice a really pixelated glow effect around the edges of your avatar. This effect happens because, for whatever reason, the blur effect is locked at rendering at the game's native resolution and you are running the game at a higher resolution. You can turn this off by typing "/localsettings blureffect off". This will make the avatar look much cleaner in my opinion. You can turn it back on by just doing the same thing but just typing "on" instead. This is also insanely useful in Dynamis if you are getting a lot of framerate lag during a pull with a lot of summoner monsters that have their avatar out... the blur effect is the culprit for the lag.

22. Aggro Detection Ranges

Many monsters across Vana'Diel are aggressive towards the player, most often by sight or by sound, as long as they check to the player as "Easy Prey" or higher. At higher levels, the lower end of Easy Prey will no longer aggro you. For tip 22, I'd reccommend picking up the distance plugin in Ashita to better understand the detection ranges I am about to mention. The maximum detection range for monsters detecting by sight is 15 yalms and the maximum detection range for monsters detecting by sound is 8 yalms. However, if you are a ninja or have ninja as your sub job and you have the accompanying stealth job trait learned at level 5 ninja, the sight detection range is reduced from 15 to 12 and the sound detection range is reduced from 8 to 5. Definitely keep these numbers handy next time you're trying to path around aggressive monsters in tight spaces. Keep in mind also that there is a minor lag in playemonster position in FFXI so where you see the mob in your game is where it actually was about half a second ago. It's the same reason that players have trouble initiating battle with a melee attack on a monster that is moving around.

23. Running Ahead of Moving Monsters

This is a quick one. Due to the lag mentioned above, if you want to hit a moving monster, you can run in front of it while facing the same direction it is moving in to land your first hit.

24. Jobemotes

You may be familiar with some common emotes such as /wave /bow and /clap. For tip 24 there are also additional emotes you get when you unlock each job. There is one for every single job and they can be used with the command "/jobemote job" such as /jobemote whm or /jobemote war. It's just a little extra bit of cosmetic fun added to the game and adds to the social aspect of the game which is always a bonus. Also in case you did not know, you can find a list of all the normal emotes in the minus key menu under Communication and then Emote List. /jump is the only one that does not work on private servers.

25. Displayhead

For 25, just a quick stylistic tip. If you have a helmet on that covers your character's face or just in general doesn't really match the rest of your armor, you can type "/displayhead off" to turn off your helmet or headgear display without taking off that piece of armor and losing its stats.

26. Skillchains with FFcalc

Skillchains in Final Fantasy are one of the many cooperation mechanics that encourage you to coordinate with your party members. Certain weapon skills can be performed in succession for a skillchain that does bonus damage. This works off of each weapon skill having its own skillchain properties that are each associated with an element and when certain elements are mixed it will result in one of the many types of skillchains. Knowing exactly which skills will chain with which other skills can be pretty confusing. There are some charts you can find if you search around online but for this tip I am going to be recommending a very useful third party program that will help immensely with planning skillchains. It is called FFcalc and can be downloaded here:
Extract everything to a folder and then open the .exe and click the skillchain tab. In the first drop down at the top left, put your own weapon and in the second drop down put your party member's weapon. On the right side, uncheck "Empyrean" and "Merit" weapon skills (they are not 75-cap) and most likely "Relic" as well unless someone has a relic weapon. After that, it gives you a simple list of all the skillchains you can perform with your party member if you go in this order (i.e. Dagger into Sword). If you swap the order (i.e. Sword into Dagger) it's possible to get entirely different results. Level 1 skillchains deal 50% bonus damage, level 2 skillchains deal 75% bonus damage and level 3 deal 100% bonus damage. Continuing a chain with additional skills will add another force multiplier, dealing even more damage than this.

27. Statistics Calculator

For tip #27 we have another external tool, this one is a website instead of a program so it is easier. Just go to this link here:
This is a stat calculator that will tell you the base stats of a character of any given level, race and job combination. This is immensely useful when planning out what your starting race will be and how your sub job affects what your stats are for whatever main job you choose to go with. It will give you information on things like how much HP a Galka PLD will have over an Elvaan PLD... how much INT/MP a Tarutaru BLM will have over a Hume BLM... or how much AGI/DEX you gain playing a Mithra THF over a Hume THF. Your race choice is PERMANENT in Final Fantasy and on top of that each race actually has pretty substantial stat difference from other races. If you are stuck on being unsure what exactly those stat differences will be when trying to plan out what character you want to create, this website is 100% going to be a huge help.

28. Searching by Area

Tip 28, if you see multiple people with their flags up and plan to build an EXP party, make sure a camp spot is open before starting. Many people are going to be familiar with the common comands /sea and /sea all but there is also a search window in the minus key menu that will let you check any area in the game as long as you've visited it at least once. If you know the area's "short name" you can search it up by the chat command as well. Some common ones you may want to get familiar with will be /sea Valkurm, /sea ZiTah, /sea Qufim, /sea YuhtunJng, /sea Bhaflau, /sea Wajaom, /sea MtZhayolm, /sea . This way you can check if a spot is taken. If you see a party there but unsure where they are at... the party leader's name will be marked in yellow so give them a /tell.

29. Provoke is All VE

This tip is focused on Provoke which is the primary enmity-controlling ability, at least in the early and mid levels. If you are a tank and are not a Warrior, likely you are subbing Warrior solely to get this ability. Provoke is ONLY "Volatile Enmity" meaning 1/30th of its effect fades off every second so it is fully gone by 30 seconds when the ability is back off its cooldown. What this means to you as the tank or off-tank is that Provoke is at its highest usefulness the moment it is used and for several seconds afterward since it starts fading immediately. For this reason it is important to NEVER Provoke a monster while it is bound or sleeping -- you are wasting the best part of your Provoke's effects. Again, to clarify, a Provoke that happened 30 seconds ago has absolutely zero effect on enmity. Keep this info in mind when using Provoke to control the pace of a fight for your party.

30. AH Slight Undercutting

This one is a bit controversial since some people despise undercutters but I'm going to cover it since I'm not one of those people and I feel it'll answer a common new player question of "why won't my items sell?" The AH is really basic -- the lowest price item will always sell first regardless of list date of any of the listed items. If a sword is listed at a rate of exactly once every day for 4,950 and is sold at the exact same rate of one per day while a few other ones sit up for 5,000, then the higher priced ones will never be sold due to their price. Because of this simple system, sellers who have an intent to list for a price, like 5,000, will list for slightly under to get the item to sell faster, like 4,950, 4,901 or 4,999 so it is within your interest as a competitor to do the same to get your own items to sell. If there is enough competition for people to sell their items before others, you can take advantage of this as a buyer and put in bids for numbers like 4,800 which might fail but maybe you'll get some hits with 4,900. Once enough sell at 4,900 the price history will basically say "this item is worth 4,900 not 5,000" and the process could continue if there is still competition at the lower price. This is pretty much the basics of how prices fluctuate on the auction house. If you've had something listed for a week or more you may want to go back and check on the price again -- you might need to relist for lower.

31. Camera Control

Next up are a few camera tricks using the shift key on the keyboard. When you are locked onto a monster with the H key, your arrow keys go from turning the camera to selecting options in the battle menu. You can hold down the shift key while locked to allow usage of the arrow keys to adjust the camera angle. Once you let go of shift you are back to the menu options. Another neat quirk about the shift key is when you are running around out of battle your camera naturally recenters itself behind your character. You can hold the shift key to stop it from doing that. It's useful for taking cinematic shots and also useful if you are trying to avoid aggro and need the camera pointed in the direction where you need to see enemy monsters while you are moving around.
The game starts with the camera zoomed in patially. You can use the comma key to zoom all the way out for a wider field of view, or the period key to zoom in further. Also, the Home key will quickly recenter the camera directly behind your character.

32. Monster TP

For tip 32, the way monsters gain and use TP is much different from players. Monsters have a TP gauge that starts at 0 and fills up to 3000 just like players, but they will only use TP moves when they reach the full 3000 points. This changes, however, once the mob hits 25% hp or lower, where it enters sort of a rage mode, using its TP moves immediately once it has at least 1000 TP. This can have the effect of often making the TP moves very predictable in EXP parties since a mob will typically have around 2000~2500 TP at 30% so if it drops to 25% it will use its move right then which will help you time your defensive abilities or even preventative abilities and spells such as stunning or sleeping the monster right at 25% to interrupt its move. Whether the mob consistently uses a move at 25% or not is going to depend on your own party's damage output and weapon type since one handed weapons will feed TP faster. If you did not know, while players get a negligible amount of TP when hit, monsters get much more TP when they get hit. The amount of TP a monster gets when you hit it is the same amount you got for hitting it, plus 30. So if I strike with a Brass Dagger, I get 50 TP but the monster gets 80 TP, meaning it gets TP at 80/50 or 160% of the rate that I do. If I strike with a Greataxe instead, I get 137 TP but the monster gets 167 TP, meaning it gets TP at 167/137 or 122% of the rate that I do. This constant +30 per hit is why faster-attacking one-handed weapons feed TP much more.

33. Checkparam

For the 33rd and final tip of this post, you can see extra information about your character that isn't normally displayed on your equip screen character sheet through the use of /checkparam . The me is in angled brackets. This will let you most importantly see your accuracy, ranged accuracy, ranged attack, and evasion stats that are normally invisible to you. Don't know if you are hitting the bonus cap on a ranged attack food? Now you can check. Unsure of how much accuracy or evasion you're adding with the bard songs Madrigal and Mambo? Now you can test it out. Another neat trick you can do with this command is put in angled brackets instead to see your pet stats on any pet job. This is particularly useful to see what level your summoned jug pet is as a beastmaster.

And that is everything. I had to cut quite a few tips (the original video script had 45) and many URLs due to Reddit's 40k character limit. Maybe in the future I can get into those on other posts. If there was something here you don't understand or something missing you were hoping to see, let me know and I'll try to answer questions. I hope this was helpful and enjoyable to read to someone out there,
submitted by caelicffxi to FFXIPrivateServers [link] [comments]

2020.07.28 15:14 bluntlee Despre cărţile lui Sven Hassel [găsit pe un forum]

In copilarie am citit cu foarte multa placere cartile lui Sven Hassel.Prima carte pe care am citit-o a fost Monte Cassino, asta undeva prin anul 1984, apoi prin anul 1986, a urmat Gestapo.Pana dupa anul 1990, cand treptat, in Romania au fost publicate toate cartile lui Hassel, nu am mai avut ocazia sa citesc alte carti scrise de acest scriitor, fiindca nu se gaseau, nici macar la biblioteci, sau ma rog, nu erau disponibile pentru toti. Foarte multi ani, am avut impresia, probabil ca majoritatea cititorilor, ca cu anumite exceptii, Hassel spune doar adevarul, sigur, infrumusetat, ajustat pe ici pe colo.Prin cartile lui Hassel am avut impresia ca percep cu adevarat armata germana, prezentata de regula negativ, in special relatiile dintre membrii sai, ofiteri-subofiteri,gradati si trupa.Incepand sa citesc si alte carti scrise de Hassel, majoritatea le am in biblioteca personala, am constatat existenta unor discordante biografice.Daca intro carte , unde actiunea are loc in anul 1944, un personaj traieste, acelasi personaj moare intro alta carte unde actiunea se petrece in anul 1942, de exemplu. Recent, dupa moartea lui Hassel, am gasit pe internet, cateva articole interesante, despre Sven Hassel, si opera sa, pe care le postez mai jos.Din aceste articole, foarte bine documentate, am aflat ca autorul acestor romane nu a avut nici in clin, nici in maneca, cu armata germana, si ca toata opera sa, relaxanta de lecturat, este doar o fictiune. Fictiunea nu stirbeste cu nimic talentul acestui scriitor, apreciat de foarte multi cititori.
,,Înşelăciunea Sven Hassel
Romanele lui Sven Hassel, traduse în zeci de limbi şi publicate în milioane de exemplare, au făcut înconjurul lumii. Autorul susţine că îşi povesteşte propriile păţanii din cursul celui de-al Doilea Război Mondial în armata germană. Însă o serie de inexactităţi au atras încă de la bun început atenţia asupra autenticităţii povestirilor lui Sven Hassel. În anul 1976 jurnalistul danez Erik Haaest a publicat un volum intitulat “Hassel – povestea fantastică a unui agent al lui Hitler”. Haaest dezvăluie faptul că numele real al lui Hassel este Borge Villy Redsted Pedersen, nume schimbat în 1951 în Borge Villy Redsted Arbing – după patru ani petrecuţi în închisoare pentru că a colaborat cu naziştii în perioada ocupaţiei Danemarcei. Cu un trecut marcat de alte condamnări, Pedersen-Hassel nu ar fi fost pe front, ci doar relatează poveşti auzite de la danezi care au luptat în diviziile SS Viking şi Nordland. Multe alte detalii ale operei sale indică faptul că Sven Hassel nu a luptat pe front – însă succesul volumelor lui se datorează faptului că prezintă “cealaltă” parte a războiului, o viziune din partea soldaţilor germani. Poveşti contradictorii
În 1953, anul publicării primului volum al lui Hassel “Legiunea blestemaţilor”, ediţia din 15 noiembrie a cotidianului Nationaltidende publica un articol în care se arăta că: “Sven Hassel spune despre el însuşi: sunt fiul unui ofiţer austriac căsătorit cu o daneză. După moartea tatălui meu, mama mea s-a întors în Danemarca şi s-a căsătorit cu un danez. Am fost crescut aici, am mers la o şcoală daneză. Am fost voluntar în armata finlandeză în războiul acestei mici ţări împotriva Rusiei în 1939-1940. La câteva zile după întoarcerea mea din Finlanda, germanii au ocupat Danemarca şi am fost încorporat în armata germană, Wehrmacht. În aceea perioadă Austria devenise parte a celui de-al Treilea Reich şi autorităţile m-au forţat să devin soldat. Destinul meu de după acest moment este povestit în cărţile mele, care reflectă amintirile mele. În 1946 am reuşit să mă întorc în Danemarca după ce am fugit din Berlinul ocupat de ruşi cu ajutorul a doi ofiţeri americani. În Danemarca am mers la autorităţi care m-au acceptat ca cetăţean danez. Mi-am dorit cu adevărat să apar cu numele meu adevărat şi să îmi expun acuzaţiile la adresa celor responsabili de ororile din timpul războiului. Însă îmi este imposibil din cauza familiei mele şi a poziţiei mele în domeniul economic”. În ediţia din 10 septembrie 1958, cotidianul danez Politiken publica următoarea descriere a lui Sven Hassel: “S-a născut în oraşul danez – din 1864 german – Slesvig. A dezertat şi a ajuns într-un batalion disciplinar. Nu a reuşit să-şi urmeze studiile. Tatăl său lucra ca şofer şi l-a ţinut în afara şcolilor celui de-al Treilea Reich. În 1949 a venit în Danemarca, şi s-a angajat ca îngrijitor în Copenhaga. S-a căsătorit cu o studentă daneză care l-a învăţat limbir străine. La începutul anilor ’50 a scris un volum despre experienţele sale din timpul războiului şi a reuşit să convingă editura Grafisk Forlag să-l publice. A apărut sub titlul “Legiunea Blestemaţilor”. Se întâmpla în 1953, iar cartea a devenit un succes mondial”. Un interviu cu Sven Hassel a fost publicat în săptămânalul danez Seog Hor în 22 septembrie 1961: “Se mai întâmplă ca presa străină să găsească un danez şi să-l transforme într-o ştire importantă. Asta s-a întâmplat cu autorul Sven Hassel. Cărţile sale au fost publicate până acum în 750.000 de exemplare. Comunicatele de presă sunt magnifice. New York Herald Tribune a titrat “Danemarca a produs un nou Hemingway”. Presa mondială s-a tot întrebat cine este Sven Hassel. Seog Hor a reuşit să dezvăluie acest secret.: Sven Hassel are 43 de ani, este din Copenhaga şi a devenit marinar după doar 5 ani de şcoală. Pentru câţiva ani a navigat în Orient. În 1936 s-a întors în Germaniaunde l-a începutul Războiului Mondial a fost încarcerat într-un lagăr de concentrare. Sven Hassel scrie despre propriile lui experienţe. După eliberarea din lagăr Sven Hassel a trecut prin iadul războiului până în 1945. S-a întors în Danemarca în 1947 şi de atunci a avut mai multe slujbe. O boală tropicală caucaziană l-a ţinut în pat din 1956 până în 1958. Zeul fericirii s-a aplecat asupra lui: în 1951 s-a însurat şi are în prezent un băiat în vârstă de nouă ani, Michael”. În 1963, pe 13 septembrie, cotidianul danez Ekstrabladet publica o poveste diferită a lui Sven Hassel: “Tatăl lui Hassel a fost un simplu muncitor. A frecventat şcoala Nyboder din Copenhaga, s-a angajat în Germania înainte de război şi a fost încorporat în armata germană împotriva voinţei sale. Următorul său volum se va intitula Monte Cassino – după cum mărturiseşte autorul a luat parte la bătăliile dure de lângă mănăstirea italiană în calitate de soldat al unei unităţi disciplinare germane”. Zăpăceala declaraţiilor
Erik Haaest l-a intervievat pe Hassel în 1976, iar povestea acestuia s-a modificat încă o dată: “Povestiţi din experienţele proprii? – Nouăzeci la sută din cele povestite în cărţile mele sunt experienţe proprii. Cărţile mele constituie auto-biografia mea dintre anii 1940-1945. Sunt unele părţi în cărţile mele unde povestesc ce se întâmpla în alte părţi ale frontului ca şi cum aş fi fost acolo. Însă este vorba de maximum zece procente. – Care este povestea familiei dumneavoastră? Naziştii mi-au exterminat familia când au invadat Austria în anul 1938. Am venit în Danemarca ca unul dintre “copii vienezi”. Când ar fi trebuit să mă întorc înapoi în Austria, părinţii mei adoptivi danezi m-au ascuns. Asta mi-a creat probleme după 9 aprilie 1940 când germanii au invadat Danemarca. Au aflat cine eram şi m-au recrutat pentru serviciul militar”. Nici una din informaţiile apărute în presă despre Sven Hassel nu se potriveşte cu investigaţia făcută de jurnalistul danez Erik Haaest. Jurnalistul şi-a demarat cercetările de la editura Grafisk Forlag, cea care a publicat primul roman sub semnătura lui Sven Hassel. Contractul pentru drepturile de autor a fost semnat cu numele de Borge Villy Redsted Arbing, Sven Hassel fiind doar un pseudonim. Numele “Arbing” fusese schimbat în 1951, anterior fiind Pedersen. Conform unui extras de stare civilă publicat de Haaest Sven Hassel: “S-a născut pe 19 aprilie 1917 în Nyhuus, parohia Frederiksborg. Tatăl său a fost muncitorul necalificat Peder Oluf Pedersen, mama Maren Hansigne Pedersen, născută Andersen. Pe 17 iunie 1917 băiatul a fost botezat cu numele “Borge Villy Redsted Pedersen de pastorul Engels. Prin decretul regal din 17 iunie 1951 persoana în cauză şi-a schimbat numele de familie în Arbing”. Aflându-i numele real al lui Sven Hassel, Erik Haaest a putut afla mai multe detalii referitoare la trecutul lui. Pedersen şi-a satisfăcut stagiul militar în Danemarca între anii 1936-1939 în cadrul unui escadron de biciclişti, şi a fost lăsat la vatră ca simplu soldat, nefiind considerat apt pentru şcoala de gradaţi sau subofiţeri. Cercetările jurnalistului au ajuns la concluzia că Pedersen nu a participat la nici o bătălie, nemaifăcând parte din nicio armată după anul 1939. Conform arhivelor justiţiei daneze, Borge Villy Redsted Pedersen a fost condamnat în anii 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942 pentru furt şi purtarea ilegală de uniforme militare. În mai 1945 a fost arestat sub acuzaţia că a fost colaborator al serviciilor secrete germane Gestapo. Pe 12 noiembrie 1947 Pedersen a fost condamnat la 10 ani de închisoare pentru trădare, în cadrul dosarului 161/1947. A fost eliberat condiţionat la începutul anului 1951. Mărturiile din faţa tribunalului
Erik Haaest a publicat extrase din declaraţiile lui Sven Hassel în faţa tribunalului danez care l-a judecat: “Acuzatul declară că nu a fost niciodată membru al partidului nazist danez. A cunoscut câţiva danezi înrolaţi în SS, foşti membri ai Regimentului Regal de Dragoni din care a făcut parte şi din care a fost demobilizat pe 19 apilie 1940. Apoi povesteşte curţii despre faptele sale incredibile din 9 aprilie 1940, ziua în care Danemarca şi Norvegia au fost ocupate de Germania. El a refuzat să se supună ordinului regal de încetare a luptelor şi a împuşcat câţiva soldaţi germani care încercau să ocupe cazarma dragonilor din oraşul Naestved. Până la urmă a fost copleşit şi a rămas fără muniţie”. Jurnalistul danez l-a intervievat pe locotenetul Niels Rosenkrantz din cadrul regimentului de dragoni din care pretindea şi Sven Hassel că a făcut parte: “Nu s-a tras nici un foc de armă de nici un soldat, nici german nici danez. Ordinul de sistare a focului a fost urmat de toţi. Când forţele germane au ajuns la poziţiile noastre, loiali ordinului regal, încuiasem toată muniţia. Bineînţeles că eram furioşi că nu ne-a putut apăra ţara”. Cercetările din arhivele Regimentului Regal de Dragoni nu au scos la iveală nici un Pedersen. Conform stenogramei din timpul procesului Sven Hassel – spre deosebire de cărţile publicate după război – susţine că “nu a făcut niciodată parte din forţele armate germane. În 1941 a fost arestat pentru că a îmbrăcat în mod ilegal o uniformă. A încercat să scape declarând că face parte din regimentul SS-Nordland. Crede că această neînţelegere trebuie să fie motivul pentru care este acuzat că a fost soldat german”. Pedersen-Hassel a spus tribunalului danez o poveste încurcată, conform căreia ar fi fost recrutat fără să ştie în armata germană. Viitorul autor declara tribunalului că “În august 1942 a fost arestat încă o dată şi a fost condamnat la 6 luni închisoare pentru falsificarea semnăturii lui Heinrich Himmler. Nu şi-a executat întreaga pedeapsă. În perioada în care era închis la Vestre Fangsel a primit o scrisoare de la legaţia germană cu un ordin de marş. Când a fost eliberat a primit ordinul de plecare. Înainte de asta a încercat să se înroleze în armata finlandeză cerând căpitanului Agger, şeful biroului “Prietenii Finlandei” care recruta voluntari pentru războiul împotriva Uniunii Sovietice”. Locotenent-colonelul Agger a fost chemat să depună mărturie şi a afirmat că l-a văzut pe Pedersen în 1940, nu în 1942. În urma mai multor întrebări, Pedersen recunoaşte că a făcut parte dintr-o unitate de deminare a armatei germane care a servit pe frontul de est între lunile februarie-mai 1943 – o perioadă şi o poziţie destul de deosebită faţă de relatările din romanele ulterioare. Concluzia judecătoarei Karen Johnsen în cazul lui Pedersen-Hassel este cât se poate de grăitoare: “Curtea decide să acorde importanţă faptului că Redsted Pedersen a recunoscut că a fost înrolat în armata germană. Curtea nu are încredere în toate declaraţiile sale deoarece acestea nu coincid de la o examinare la alta. Acuzatul lasă în permanenţă o senzaţie de neîncredere”.
,,Minciuna batalioanelor disciplinare din cărţile lui Sven Hassel
Sven Hassel susţine în cărţile sale că a făcut parte dintr-un regiment disciplinar de blindate, fiind decorat cu cele mai înalte ordine ale Germaniei naziste şi chiar cu Crucea Mannerheim, o înaltă decoraţie de război finlandeză. Însă afirmaţia sa conţine o contradicţie de nerezolvat: soldaţii din batalioanele disciplinare erau soldaţi condamnaţi pentru delicte de drept comun sau delicte politice şi ca atare consideraţi nedemni. La primirea unei astfel de condamnări soldaţii germani erau deposedaţi de gradul şi decoraţiile obţinute. În plus, istoria batalioanelor disciplinare din Germania nazistă nu menţionează că acestea ar fi participat la toate bătăliile la care susţine Hassel că a luat parte. Mai mult, indicativele unităţilor din care susţine Hassel că a făcut parte sunt total fanteziste, fără legătură cu realitatea. Batalioanele disciplinare naziste au fost trimise pe front de două ori – şi de fiecare dată s-au predat imediat aliaţilor fără să tragă un singur foc de armă. Declaraţiile lui Pedersen-Hassel
Întrebat de jurnalistul Erik Haaest: “Povestiţi din experienţele proprii?”, Hassel răspundea “Nouăzeci la sută din cele povestite în cărţile mele sunt experienţe proprii. Cărţile mele constituie auto-biografia mea dintre anii 1940-1945. Sunt unele părţi în cărţile mele unde povestesc ce se întâmpla în alte părţi ale frontului ca şi cum aş fi fost acolo. Însă este vorba de maximum zece procente”. În interviul publicat pe site-ul oficial al lui Sven Hassel acesta dezvăluie mai multe detalii privind serviciul său militar în timpul celui de-al Doilea Război Mondial: “Chiar aţi servit în Regimentul 27 Panzer? În ce divizie era acest regiment? – Da, am fost în acest regiment. Regimentul 27 Panzer făcea parte din Divizia a 6 a Panzer. (…) Ce medalii şi decoraţii aţi primit în război? Crucea de Merit, Crucea de Fier, Medalia pentru luptă corp-la-corp, Medalia Anti-Tanc, Medalia de aur pentru Răniţi… însă nu este vorba de decoraţii. Este vorba de prietenie, de instinctul şi voinţa de supravieţuire şi probabil cel mai important este să ne dăm seama de cruzimea dictaturii şi a militarismului”. La o întrebare care priveşte autenticitatea relatărilor sale Sven Hassel preferă să ocolească răspunsul: întrebat dacă “crucea verde a NKVD-ului” chiar există – deoarece nimeni nu a reuşit să identifice un astfel de simbol sovietic – Sven Hassel răspunde că “însemnele folosite de NKVD erau de culoare verde”. În realitate, insigna NKVD conţinea o stea roşie, suprapus de o spadă şi însemnul comunist secera şi ciocanul încrucişate – de altfel ar fi fost destul de greu ca instituţia represivă a URSS să fi avut drept simbol o cruce. Mai mult: culoarea folosită pentru însemnele trupelor NKVD aflate pe front era roşu – verde era culoarea grănicerilor aflaţi în subordinea NKVD. Sven Hassel relatează despre ofiţeri şi soldaţi NKVD cu însemne verzi în interiorul URSS, o poziţionare dubioasă a unor trupe de grăniceri. [ - Pentru incarcare in pagina (embed) Click aici ] Care a fost adevărata unitate a lui Sven Hassel
Sven Hassel susţine în toate romanele că a luptat în plutonul 2, compania a 5 a, Regimentul disciplinar 27 de Blindate din cadrul Diviziei a 6 a Panzer. Însă toate volumele publicate până în prezent asupra nomenclaturii unităţilor Germaniei naziste contrazic flagrant afirmaţiile lui Hassel. În Divizia a 6 a Panzer nu a existat nici un regiment cu numărul 27. Într-adevăr a existat un Regiment 27, însă acesta făcea parte din Divizia a 12 a Infanterie. Divizia a 6 a Panzer a fost formată în octombrie 1939 şi a participat la campania din vest înainte de a fi transferată în Prusia Orientală în iulie 1940, de unde a luat parte la Operaţiunea Barbarossa – invadarea Uniunii Sovietice – în sectorul de nord. A suferit pierderi grele şi a fost transferată în mai 1942 în Franţa pentru recuperare şi re-echipare. În decembrie Divizia a 6 a Panzer a fost trimisă pe frontul de est şi a participat la tentativa de despresurare a trupelor germane încercuite la Stalingrad. Ulterior a participat la bătăliile de la Harkov şi Kursk unde a suferit din nou pierderi grele. În decembrie 1944 a fost transferată în Ungaria unde a luat parte la apărarea Budapestei. Divizia a 6 a Panzer s-a retras în Austria în martie 1945 şi s-a predat Armatei Roşii lângă Brunn. Istoria luptelor acestei divizii nu se potriveşte cu cele relatate de Sven Hassel care susţine că a făcut parte din ea: autorul danez susţine că a reuşit împreună cu mai mulţi soldaţi să scape din încercuirea de la Stalingrad (volumul “General SS”) deşi toate sursele istorice susţin că nici un militar german nu a reuşit să scape din încercuire. De asemenea, din istoria Diviziei a 6 a Panzer lipsesc luptele din Normandia şi Italia – la care Sven Hassel susţine că a participat direct. Singurul deţinător al Medaliei pentru luptă corp-la-corp din Divizia a 6 a Panzer este menţionat în actele oficiale ca fiind mitrailorul Franz Richter, nicidecum Sven Hassel. Medalia de aur pentru luptă corp-la-corp era una din decoraţiile cele mai apreciate de militarii germani – marcând faptul că purtătorul unei astfel de decoraţii a participat la lupte corp-la-corp timp de 50 de zile. În întreaga armată germană doar 633 de militari au primit această decoraţie. Regimentul 27 din Divizia a 12 a Infanterie a avut de asemenea o istorie care nu coincide cu relatările lui Hassel: în 1939 a luptat în Polonia şi în 1940 a participat la invadarea Franţei, de unde a fost transferat în Olanda. În iunie 1941 a participat la invadarea Uniunii Sovietice unde a rămas până la sfârşitul anului 1943. La începutul anului 1944 a trebuit să înfrunte ofensiva sovietică din Belarus – în urma acestei bătălii întreaga divizie fiind distrusă. Divizia a fost refăcută în octombrie 1944 sub denumirea Divizia a 12 a Volksgrenadier şi a participat la defensiva oraşului Aachen, Bătălia de la Bulge, predându-se americanilor în aprilie 1945. Din istoria singurului Regiment 27 din armata germană lipsesc campaniile din Italia, Africa de Nord, Italia, Normandia, Stalingrad, insurgenţa din Polonia – toate evenimente la care Sven Hassel susţine în cărţile sale că a participat în mod direct. [ - Pentru incarcare in pagina (embed) Click aici ] Istoria batalioanelor disciplinare naziste
În armata germană din cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial au existat într-adevăr batalioane disciplinare, iar indicativul lor era 990. În 1942 naziştii au încercat să folosească aceste batalioane ca forţă combativă – însă au renunţat foarte repede datorită ineficienţei extreme a acestor unităţi pe front. În unităţile cu indicativul 990 au fost încadraţi militarii condamnaţi de curţile marţiale pentru delicte de drept comun, cei consideraţi nedemni să poarte arme din cauza concepţiilor politice şi cei deposedaţi de drepturile civile în urma unei hotărâri judecătoreşti. Pe 2 octombrie 1942 Marele Stat Major al Wehrmachtului a emis un ordin prin care era ridicată interdicţia de a purta arme pentru categoriile menţionate mai sus. Numărul celor aflaţi în această situaţie în anul 1942 era de 34.000 de bărbaţi apţi pentru serviciul militar. Toţi aceşti militari au fost concentraţi în regimente de infanterie şi batalioane de pionieri. Afirmaţia lui Sven Hassel că un regiment disciplinar ar fi putut fi dotat cu tancuri Tiger nu este susţinută de nici un fel de dovezi documentare. Tancurile Tiger au fost fabricate spre sfârşitul războiului în număr mic (în total au fost trimise pe front 1.355 de Tiger I şi 630 de Tiger II). Fabricarea unui Tiger costa 250.000 de mărci, dublul preţului oricărui alt tanc din armata nazistă, fiind un tanc deosebit de pretenţios şi care avea nevoie de o îngrijire constantă, doar cele mai bune echipaje fiind selectate să servească pe Tiger. În plus, tancurile Tiger erau organizate în batalioane speciale de blindate grele, puse direct sub comanda Statului Major şi care acţionau în momentele şi zonele critice. Afirmaţia lui Hassel că un regiment disciplinar ar fi putut fi dotat cu tancuri Tiger este cât se poate de fantezistă. Batalioanele disciplinare ale celui de-al Treilea Reich au fost studiate asiduu de istoricii germani deoarece în aceste batalioane erau încadraţi membri ai Partidului Comunist – unii dintre ei ajungând ulterior personaje politice în Germania de Est ca şi în Germania de Vest. Batalioanele 990 din armata nazistă erau încadrate cu ofiţeri şi subofiţeri fanatici hitlerişti. Batalioanele disciplinare germane aveau un procent de 35% de comunişti şi social-democraţi, restul fiind delincvenţi de drept comun. În toate batalioanele disciplinare comuniştii încercau permanent să-şi impună concepţia şi să stabilească un sistem paralel de comandă – în vreme ce ofiţerii hitlerişti încercau să controleze acest fenomen cu ajutorul delincvenţilor de drept comun care constituiau un adevărat sistem de informatori. Însă în momentul deplasării pe front, de cele mai multe ori delincvenţii de drept comun se alăturau comuniştilor, nedorind să moară pentru Germania lui Hitler. Toate misiunile date batalioanelor 990 s-au sfârşit cu adevărate dezastre. Prima bătălie la care au participat batalioanele 990 a avut loc în Tunisia, în martie 1943, unde au trebuit să acopere retragerea celorlalte unităţi germane. Ideea folosirii pe front a batalioanelor disciplinare s-a dovedit a fi una dezastruoasă: soldaţii acestor unităţi şi-au executat superiorii şi au predat poziţiile deţinute fără luptă trupelor aliate. Unităţile germane din armata regulată au primit ordinul să-i împuşte pe loc pe militarii batalioanelor 990. La sfârşitul lui 1943 alte câteva batalioane 990 au fost trimise pe frontul de est – însă comuniştii din aceste unităţi s-au predat primelor unităţi ale Armatei Roşii întâlnite. Şi în încheiere un ultim detaliu care contrazice afirmaţiile lui Sven Hassel: istoricii germani indică faptul că însemnele batalioanelor 990 erau de culoare albastră – în vreme ce autorul danez susţine că regimentul din care a făcut parte avea petliţe de culoare neagră.,,
,,Adevăratul erou din romanele lui Sven Hassel
[ - Pentru incarcare in pagina (embed) Click aici ] În toate interviurile sale Pedersen-Hassel susţine că cele scrise de el constituie relatări ale evenimentelor la care a participat în mod direct. Însă o analiză mai detaliată a volumelor lui scoate la iveală o mulţime de contradicţii. De exemplu în volumul “Monte Cassino” Pedersen-Hassel povesteşte o luptă de tancuri în care o companie germană de blindate nimiceşte un întreg regiment american staţionat într-un sat. În realitate a existat o astfel de bătălie: cea de la Villers-Bocage, Franţa, unde maiorul SS Michael Wittmann (foto) a distrus un regiment britanic de blindate. Bătălia de la Villers-Bocage a avut loc pe 14 iunie 1944, iar în volumul lui Pedersen-Hassel aceasta formează primul capitol. Ultimul capitol al volumului “Monte-Cassino” descrie bătălia pentru cucerirea mănăstirii italiene cu acelaşi nume – însă în realitate luptele pentru Monte Cassino s-au purtat între 17 februarie şi 18 mai 1944: adică înainte de bătălia de la Villers-Bocage din Franţa. Versiunea Hassel a unei lupte de tancuri
Scriitorul danez relatează în volumul “Monte Cassino” debarcarea aliaţilor în Italia în toamna anului 1943. După prezentarea primelor încleştări de pe plajele italiene povestirea se îndreaptă către o încleştare de blindate. Comandantul companiei din care făcea parte Sven Hassel este identificat ca “Mike”, un german care înainte de război apucase să servească în armata americană. Întors în Germania nazistă “Mike” reuşeşte să ajungă comandant de companie în regimentul disciplinar în care se găsea şi Sven Hassel. Pornită în marş, compania de tancuri comandată de “Mike” întâlneşte un subofiţer de infanterie care îl informează pe comandant de existenţa unui mare număr de blindate inamice. Descris ca un soldat pur sânge, “Mike” ia decizia să atace un întreg regiment de blindate doar cu compania sa: “Rinocerii către Scroafa. {eful. Treizeci şi şase de care de luptă, zece camioane, şaptesprezece maşini dispărute. Numărul morţilor şi răniţilor necunoscut. Pierderile noastre: un mort, doi răniţi. Aştept întâlnire cu regimentul de blindate inamic. Continui operaţia pe proprie răspundere. Întrerup contactul. Terminat. Noi zâmbeam, pricepusem. Mike avea de gând să nimicească de unul singur regimentul de blindate inamic. (…) Să întrerupi contactul era un lucru destul de cutezător. Nimeni nu ne va mai putea auzi în următoarele trei sau patru ore. Juca o carte mare Mike. Dacă va izbuti, va fi acoperit de glorie”. Atacul se desfăşoară astfel: “Buncărele cu muniţie stau deschise. Grenadele lungi lucesc, bine rânduite. Au un aer nevinovat, dar peste câteva minute ele vor răspândi groaza şi moartea, vor scuipa foc, vor face să ţipe de durere oameni înspăimântaţi. Prin trapele lăsate deschise putem urmări cu privirea mulţimea de tancuri inamice care înaintează în formaţie strânsă pe drumul asfaltat şi bătut de soare. Apăs uşor pe pedală. Motorul electric vibrează. Voi ochi exact între cei doi copaci, în clipa în care voi începe tragerea. Comandantul Mike pândeşte de la nivelul turelei sale, cu binoclul aşezat în faţa lui, ascuns de o tufă de iarbă. Va face semn cu casca când va veni clipa să deschidem focul. Un regiment întreg de care blindate. Visul oricărui comandant de blindate. Ni se servea pe o tavă de argint”. Toate detaliile oferite de Hassel în volumul său seamănă cu lupta de la Villers-Bocage: un comandant de companie care întreprinde o operaţiune riscantă şi îndrăzneaţă pe cont propriu, reuşind să distrugă un întreg regiment inamic. Hassel prezintă bătălia ca având loc în Italia cu inamici americani – singura deosebire faţă de ce s-a întâmplat în realitate – însă fără să dea detalii suplimentare cum ar fi numele satului unde a avut loc încleştarea. [ - Pentru incarcare in pagina (embed) Click aici ] Adevăratul comandant
Bătălia de la Villers-Bocage s-a purtat după coordonate identice cu cea relatată de Hassel. Doar că au existat diferenţe majore: la încleştare nu a participat o companie dintr-un regiment disciplinar ci din cadrul unei unităţi SS, Schwere SS Panzer Abteilung 101, aflată sub comanda generalului SS Sepp Dietrich. Comandantul german din bătălia de la Villers Bocage a fost căpitanul SS Michael Wittmann – devenit în urma acestei lupte o piesă centrală a propagandei naziste. Wittmann a intrat în SS în anul 1937, făcând parte din Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler – unitatea destinată pazei personale a dictatorului nazist. Această unitate avea şi o componentă combatantă, astfel că Wittmann a participat la invazia Austriei şi a Cehoslovaciei. Primele lupte avea să le ducă Wittmann în calitate de comandant al unui tun autopropulsat, în campaniile din Polonia şi Franţa. Wittmann a trecut destul de rapid prin gradele de subofiţer – iar în urma invaziei URSS din 1942, unde s-a făcut remarcat în calitate de comandant al unui tun autopropulsat anti car a fost selecţionat pentru cursurile şcolii de ofiţeri. S-a întors pe frontul de est în 1943 cu gradul de sublocotent SS, comandant al unui tanc Panzer III. A continuat să avanseze: a primit comanda unui tanc greu Tiger, iar în timpul bătăliei de la Kursk a fost avansat comandant de pluton. În ianuarie 1944 a devenit cavaler al Crucii de Fier naziste, una dintre cele mai înalte decoraţii pentru distrugerea a 88 de tancuri inamice pe tot parcursul carierei sale de până în acel moment. Wittmann a părăsit unitatea Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, preferând să rămână în cadrul batalionului de tancuri grele Tiger, una din puţinele unităţi de elită dotate cu cele mai bune blindate germane. În momentul invaziei aliate din Normandia, Wittmann fusese avansat căpitan SS şi se afla la comanda unei companii de tancuri grele. [ - Pentru incarcare in pagina (embed) Click aici ] Ruinele satului Villers Bocage Bătălia de la Villers Bocage
La o săptămână de la debarcarea din Normandia, trupele aliate se îndreptau în viteză spre oraşul Caen. Britanicii nu ştiau că în regiune era prezent un batalion de tancuri grele Tiger – locotenent-colonelul Arthur Cranleigh a cerut aprobarea pentru a efectua o misiune de recunoaştere şi a stabili ce trupe germane există în jurula Caenului, însă I s-a ordonat să înainteze cât mai repede. Comandantul diviziei de tancuri germane prezente în zonă, Sepp Dietrich a ordonat menţinerea cu orice preţ a localităţii Villers Bocage, aflată în drumul spre Caen. Wittmann a fost însărcinat cu efectuarea unei misiuni de recunoaştere care să stabilească exact ce forţe britanice erau prezente în regiune. La ora 6 dimineaţa, Wittmann, însoţit de alte cinci tancuri Tiger a plecat spre Villers Bocage. În apropierea localităţii compania de tancuri s-a întâlnit cu un sergent german care i-a informat despre prezenţa unei forţe masive de blindate britanice. Wittmann a avansat cu precauţie printr-o pădure şi a reuşit să vadă avangarda regimentului britanic 4 County of London Yeomanry (4CLY). Primul pluton al regimentului britanic era poziţionat la est de Villers-Bocage, al doilea pluton staţiona la vest de oraş supraveghind o intersecţie. Cele două poziţii erau întărite de două companii de infanterie, dotate cu transportoare blindate M3 şi trei tancuri uşoare Stuart M5A1. Wittmann şi-a dat seama că regimentul britanic are drum liber către oraşul Caen, însă nu putea comunica acest lucru comandamentului german deoarece emisia sa ar fi fost interceptată şi i-ar fi trădat prezenţa în zonă – ceea ce i-ar fi alertat pe britanici. Wittmann a hotărât să atace de unul singur fără să mai comunice cu comandanţii săi. “Decizia a fost una extrem de dificilă. Niciodată nu mai fusesem aşa de impresionat de forţa inamicului aşa cum am fost de aceste tancuri aflate în deplasare, însă ştiam că trebuie neapărat să atac”, a declarat Wittmann presei germane după această bătălie. Michael Wittmann a stabilit cu comandanţii tancurilor sale planul de atac în jurul orei 8 dimineaţa: el urma să deschidă primul focul atacând primul pluton staţionat la est de sat, celelalte tancuri urmând să intre în sat pe rute diferite după ce distrugeau plutonul britanic de la ieşirea din localitate. Compania de tancuri Tiger care a apărut brusc tragând din masivele tunuri de 88 mm i-a paralizat pur şi simplu pe britanici care nu se aşteptau să fie atacaţi. După ce a zdrobit primul pluton al regimentului britanic în doar câteva minute, Wittmann a intrat în Villers-Bocage. În centrul satului Wittmann a întâlnit şi distrus cele trei tancuri care alcătuiau comandamentul regimentului 4 CLY. Un singur tanc Cromwell, comandat de căpitanul Patrick Dyas a reuşit să scape din prima fază a carnagiului refugiindu-se pe o stradă laterală. Tiger-ul lui Wittmann a depăşit această stradă fără să observe blindatul britanic – se afla în urmărirea unui alt tanc, un Sherman Firefly. Căpitanul Patrick Dyas a ieşit din ascuzătoare şi a urmărit tancul lui Wittmann, reuşind să îl lovească cu două proiectile de 75mm – care însă nu au afectat de loc blindajul masiv al Tiger-ului. Alertat de prezenţa lui Dyas, Wittmann şi-a întors turela şi a distrus blindatul britanic cu o singură lovitură. Căpitanul Dyas avea să supravieţuiască, însă echipajul tancului său nu. Un grup de britanici comandaţi de un sergent au reşit în mijlocul haosului general să instaleze un tun antitanc şi să scoată din funcţiune Tiger-ul lui Wittmann cu o singură lovitură care i-a distrus o şenilă. Wittmann şi echipajul său au reuşit să iasă din tancul defect şi să se întoarcă în siguranţă la compania lor. În urma acestui atac Wittmann a distrus singur 11 tancuri britanice şi 20 de transportoare blindate şi camioane. Bătălia pentru Villers-Bocage avea să dureze tot restul zilei de 13 iunie, britanicii fiind siliţi să se retragă după ce germanii au aruncat în luptă un batalion de infanterie şi încă o companie de tancuri. Rezultatul direct al succesului lui Wittmann avea să fie blocarea drumului aliaţilor către Caen, care avea să fie cucerit abia pe 19 iulie, după o lună de lupte îndârjite. Wittmann avea să moară pe 8 august 1944 – după ce succesul de la Villers-Bocage l-a transformat într-o figură centrală a propagandei naziste – în cursul unei încleştări de tancuri lângă St. Aignan de Cramesnil.,,
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2020.05.31 15:45 HeroMadao Newbie orientation?

So guys, how are you doing these days?
I was bored in quarantine and made the crazy decision of buying this game. I mean crazy because the crisis delayed the physical copies in my country. And the price was astronomical. To be honest, I payed more than 100 dollars in this. But well, i'm single, no plans to date in the situation, i had some savings lol.

I have a few questions, can you guys help me?

- I LOVED Narmaya gameplay, but i can't understand her stance, aside from the basic comand, is there any way of changing it inside a movement or combo? I feel like doing this by accident all the time, maybe i'm just stupid..

- I bought the "the premium season pass" version, that comes with the first season pass character DLCs, that doesnt includes the stages right? How can I get the character promo codes? The base promotional code I got it, is it the only one that I can use?

- Can I unlock the extra colors of characters without paying?

- The RPG mode is kinda boring at the begining, is it mandatory to unlock everything?

- Is it worth using the quick moves?

- Which one is better, the R2 guard, or the "back" button? Does it change anything?

I read some posts here before posting, BUT...

I am REALLY slow, thats why i'm posting.

Ty all in advance ;)
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2020.05.17 16:56 LaMerLuZas [Help] iOS 9.3.5 Terminal message: Command not found

hey, I recovered my dad's old iPad 3 IOS 9.3.5. I was jailbreaking it trought IPABox, Phoenix and then Cydia. I was trying to use GameGemiOS but for it to work I needed Terminal, wich I downloaded from BigBoss (who is suppoused to be compatible with iOS 9.3.5 but I can't find in the description if it is compatible for this version, but I have read on reddit it is)
When I open Terminal and put the comands:
KillAll GameGemNative && GameGemNative

the answer I get is:
sh: Killall: command not found

When is supoused to say
date time GameGemNative [numbers] Now running

I tried downloading anothers Terms but I always end up with the same message, I turned off/on the iPad, reinstalled jailbreak and all... Can anyone help me? or do you have any clue why this is not working?
(excuse my English, It's not my native language)
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2020.05.09 05:00 Amazing_Falcon Juniper EX3200-24T Error Messages

I get the error message below at first when I try to boot up the switch. It doesn't do anything for several minutes so I hit enter. Then at the loader prompt I do the install --format jinst** comand. Then after it looks like it is installing I get the error message: "date: connect: Can't assign requested address" and the message below and the commit does not commit. Any ideas what to do?
root# commit confirmed
/uslibexec/ Shared object "" not found, required by "jdhcpd"
error: configuration check-out failed

Thanks in advance
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2020.04.06 08:31 post_a_bles Temporal Experimental Feature Release: Upload To IPFS + Ethereum Swarm In A Single API Call

When we first started Temporal, we visioned being able to plug into multiple different storage networks from a single API. Today, we make that a reality with the release of a new experimental feature supporting a second storage network, known as Swarm.
Using the newly released experimental API, you can upload data to Swarm and IPFS in a single API call. To allow more people to experiment with this technology, we're allowing anyone to make calls to this API, regardless of whether or not you have an account with Temporal.
For the foreseeable future this support will only exist in our development environment, and at the moment is limited to traditional file uploads. However depending on how this new functionality is received, and if its popular, we will be expanding the integration to allow you to do more than just upload to swarm and IPFS in a singular call, perhaps even use IPFS as a backing layer for Swarm.
To experiment with this API, all you need is the curl comand line client:
$> curl -X POST -F '[email protected]_world' -F 'mirror_ipfs=true' $> {"code":200,"response":{"ipfs_hash":"QmeV1kwh3333bsnT6YRfdCRrSgUPngKmAhhTa4RrqYPbKT","swarm_hash":"b70235f6b6d0f4756bb07ea4db6758faaa91a0dc96bfd999cba3fb70fbdb95ef"}} 
As is the usual with Temporal, all of this functionality is going into our open-source code base so you too can leverage the very same capabilities in your own infrastructure.
If you're interested in staying up to date with the latest capabilities, the best place to do so is the pull request containing this functionality.
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2020.02.02 21:48 Barracuda007 AMD gpu driver problem.

So i haven't used linux as my main gaming rig but i have worked with it. So now i can't run games and can't really reinstall drivers because when i did uninstall them they didn't clear everything. Here is inxi -Fxz System:
Host: S5520HC Kernel: 4.15.0-54-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc
v: 7.4.0 Desktop: Cinnamon 4.2.3 Distro: Linux Mint 19.2 Tina
base: Ubuntu 18.04 bionic
Type: Server System: Intel product: S5520HC v: ....................
Mobo: Intel model: S5520HC v: E40912-403 serial: BIOS: Intel
v: S5500.86B.01.00.0046.121720091524 date: 12/17/2009
Topology: 2x 6-Core model: Intel Xeon X5650 bits: 64 type: MT MCP SMP
arch: Nehalem rev: 2 L2 cache: 24.0 MiB
flags: lm nx pae sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx bogomips: 127998
Speed: 1598 MHz min/max: 1596/2661 MHz Core speeds (MHz): 1: 1601 2: 1618
3: 1600 4: 1673 5: 1600 6: 1603 7: 1600 8: 1608 9: 1600 10: 1601 11: 1600
12: 1656 13: 1600 14: 1599 15: 1608 16: 1599 17: 1601 18: 1613 19: 1600
20: 1608 21: 1599 22: 1641 23: 1600 24: 1601
Device-1: AMD Ellesmere [Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X]
vendor: Sapphire Limited driver: amdgpu v: kernel bus ID: 02:00.0
Display: server: X.Org 1.19.6 driver: amdgpu tty: N/A
OpenGL: renderer: Radeon RX 570 Series (POLARIS10 DRM 3.23.0
4.15.0-54-generic LLVM 9.0.0)
v: 4.5 Mesa 19.2.8 direct render: Yes
Device-1: AMD Ellesmere [Radeon RX 580] vendor: Sapphire Limited
driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel bus ID: 02:00.1
Device-2: C-Media CMI8738/CMI8768 PCI Audio driver: snd_cmipci v: kernel
bus ID: 06:00.0
Device-3: Creative Labs EMU10k1 [Sound Blaster Live! Series]
driver: snd_emu10k1 v: kernel bus ID: 08:00.0
Sound Server: ALSA v: k4.15.0-54-generic
Device-1: Intel 82575EB Gigabit Network driver: igb v: 5.4.0-k port: 5020
bus ID: 01:00.0
IF: enp1s0f0 state: down mac:
Device-2: Intel 82575EB Gigabit Network driver: igb v: 5.4.0-k port: 5000
bus ID: 01:00.1
IF: enp1s0f1 state: down mac:
Device-3: Realtek RTL8188EE Wireless Network Adapter driver: rtl8188ee
v: kernel port: 3000 bus ID: 04:00.0
IF: wls3 state: up mac:
IF-ID-1: enp0s26f7u1 state: unknown speed: N/A duplex: N/A mac:
Local Storage: total: 1.16 TiB used: 117.33 GiB (9.9%)
ID-1: /dev/sda vendor: Kingston model: SA400S37120G size: 111.79 GiB
ID-2: /dev/sdb vendor: Western Digital model: WD1500HLFS-01G6U1
size: 139.74 GiB
ID-3: /dev/sdc vendor: Hitachi model: HDE721010SLA330 size: 931.51 GiB
ID-1: / size: 109.53 GiB used: 37.80 GiB (34.5%) fs: ext4 dev: /dev/sda1
System Temperatures: cpu: 74.0 C mobo: N/A gpu: amdgpu temp: 37 C
Fan Speeds (RPM): N/A gpu: amdgpu fan: 1359
And when i write: dpkg -l amdgpu-pro dpkg-query: no packages found matching amdgpu-pro
P.S i have RX 570 (don't know if that matters)
If you need any more info about system just add comands i need to execute.
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2020.01.24 21:14 Ric_X_hard Was Dumbledore the heir of Godric Gryffindor?

Phoenix Feather Core

  1. At the end of CoS he just shows up out of nowhere and blinds the Basilisk.
  2. Hermione reminds us every time that you can't appareate in or out of Hogwarts, but who's the one who still can? Fawkes!
  3. Are you injured by incurable venom? Fawkes is there to save the day!
In GoF we learn that Fawkes' feathers are the ones in Harry and Voldemort's wands, that's a cool fact but what difference does it make? -- rephrasing it -- The twin cores are actually a huge deal, they are the climax of GoF and Voldemort spends the better part of DH trying to figure out a way around it and hunting down the Elder Wand. That is extremely relevant, on the other hand, why do they explain to us that the feathers are specifically from Fawkes if that never goes on to make a difference?

Fawkes' Original Owner

- They both belonged to Gryffindor!

Fawkes' Past

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2020.01.04 19:03 MRwho23 Computer takes too long to turn off.

I've been expriencing the aformentioned issue everytime I click the turn off button in the Taskbar and ever since I bought my ROG Strix z370 and I can't figure out why this keep happening.
EDIT: To clarify a bit more, every time I click the turn off button in the taskbar, the computer takes at least 5 minutes to recognize the comand and then takes another 5 or so minutes to turn off completly, this doesn't happen when I reset the computer first and click the button right after that.
The only suspects I have right now is either my Sound software which seems to be interfering whenever I try to update my chipset or windows itself but I can't find what exactly from it could be causing the problem, afaik windows is fully up to date and running smoothly except when I try to turn off the computer which is what bugs me the most.
I'm not very knowledgeable on how computers works (my father helps me with most things), just a bit of the basics I guess, so I would appriciate alot if anyone could give me some tips on how to proceed to indentify and resolve this problem.
Here are my specs:
-Windows10 pro 64bits compilation 18363 -Intel Core i7-8700 CPU 3.20 GHz (12cpus), ~3.2GHz -16GB RAM-NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 -SSD 240GB -HD 2TB
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2019.12.08 20:55 sosoXcat Twisted reavenge

I'm writing this almost 4 years later ....i was 14-16 at the time , a normal highschool student i had struggled with math just like anyone else , a bit of friends here and there ,i did believe in the afterlife and all but not to the point where ghosts were real to me ,everyday i went home i had to take the bus for a 30 minute ride ,there was always this girl waving at me ,i always saw her from far away but still she made me very uneasy just feeling her stare me up and down and just....wave ...she never answers me if i ask for her name or where she's from ,she just matter how close i walk towards her i can never cover any of the distance betwen her and me ....every year she gets closer on her own tho .. .not on comand but evrtytime she just waves as always ,but her expression changes into deep deep sadness and sarrow ,this was the case with her until my 14th birthday by day she got closer snd closer....the first time i saw her a foot away from the other side of my window from the second floor!!! ,she was pale almost greenish bluish scratched up skin ....her eyes...her eyes man were pitch black no color no shine reflecting on them even in the daylight nothing !! . Everytime i saw her my entire body's hairs stood up even without seeing her i could feel her glaring at me deep into me ,that's what she did for the past 3 months or so without hirting me or talking just creepying the shit out of me , and so i thought it would be fine to tell me bestfriend about her ....and i did ...some other classmates over heard us and made fun of me for it ,the girl started showing up everywhere in the school mid classes ,on my way home , in my damn shower!!.....i couldn't take it anymore ......i shouted my throat out at her hoping she would say somethimg crying though it all it felt like i was about to faint "what the hell do you want from me?!! Leave me alone ..please leave me alone !!! I don't want to see you again get the hell away from me you damn fu..." and before i finished yelling the girl in less than a blink of an eye opened her eyes so widely i was peralyzed and aomehow stood or floated right infront of me ....she was litterally an inch away fromy face ....her cold skin's ora could be felt and her her short wavy disgustingly smelly brown hair on my shoulders ....i couldn't move at she was holding me in place ....she spoke. ..."daddy's next daddy's next YOUR DADDY'S NEXT" she said ,her voice went from a child's and bursted into a lonitic demonlike voice ,she was seconds away from putting her hands on me as i tried so scream so mych i started to sweat and then my mother came in the rome yelling at me for nkt responding that she had been calling me for the past 4 mins since i entered the room ....i was never happy to be scolded so much i mom was confused but hugged me anyway and said nothing . That night i slept in my parents's room ..yes my parents's room at 14 i was scared shitless , turns out after a couple kf days it was the only toom she could never enter ,you could see her reflection or shadow but she never was able to get in .it took me a while to think of it my mom said it was 4 minutes since i entered my room amd she was calling on me but it felt like a damn hour or so and that girl said "your daddy's next" what does she mean , what's gonna happen what will she do!!!!?? I kept self non stop stressing out about ut but not telling anyone because appearntly she glt stronger last time anyone new about it and almost killed me soooooo no thxs ,a few days go by and she keeps calling me name over and over inside my head she's not going away what should i fucking do i can't handle shis!!! God help me , as i though kf that ,the girl calle dout my name clear and loud ! So loud i could hear her 100s of miles away yet no one heard it but me , i thought it was the day that she meant when she screamed at me "your dadys's next" and i got a call from the manager of the school sending me back home for no reason what so ever ....i got nervous as she floated behind me and i don't know why my heart beat raiced up so fast i could hear it in my ear like a drum and my vision went a little blury till i got home , i opened the door to only find my father lieing down in the middle of the living room with my mom crying and two more ambulance guys shooking my father's heart to beat back to life .....she was there ....she was above him laughing....she was the reason to this....she brushed her hand over his face as if to close the eyes of the dead ....i got so angry as the midics got my father's heart pumping back and carried him away i snaped...that was it ...i attacked that mother fucker and beat her with my bare hands she was still cold i'm not that weak and pretty strong for a girl but that bitch ass ghost girl didn't shed a tear or bleed at all ,after finally getting tired and exhausted of hitting her again and againy fists bleed through and my vision was blury from the tears ....i just felt empty ,lost ,i began to try and ignore her for the rest of tge time but she only keeps getting louder and louder everywhere i go she's there ruining my life and loved ones ,family ,friends, pets....killing everything i ever loved and lived for.....i kept pushing people away from me includingy family and my best friends and evantually spent more time in my parents room it felt safer i was still being watched but she wasn't inside atleast....and so 2ore fucking years passed ....ine night the girl up at 3:12 am exactly which when the clock in the house always rang as well for prayer things . The girl was screaming dragicly loud as if someone's being skined alive , i openedy eyes and there she was right in my face but...human like ..she was warmer than usual , the girl asked me politly to follow her that she had something for me and i for some reason my body just mover on it's own like i was traped insidey own skin , i started walking behinde her as she walked ahead and i tried to resist but my legs wouldn't do as i wished .....i will never forget that fucking wall i saw in my own damn living room was a black hole with freaking arms of multiple people,animals i don't even know any more ,they were reaching fory hands ......i tried to acream for help to move away to closey eyes i want it to stop ,the girl whispered iny ear "then step ahead it will be over soon" i was suddenly drawn into that hole little by little untill i realized i'm being sucked in i pulled myself back out and my body did as i comand ,they had a grip overy arms but i didn't give up yet on ife for these motherfuckers" i'm a surviver and i will live and grow old you sons of bitches burn in hell" i screamed so loud it gave me more stringth to pull back and i got out with scratches on my arms that were prettyuch visible however no one not even close ones asked they were terrafied to atleast that's what i felt , the girl disappeared after that night but i still get chills just thinking about her my arms burn and heat up whenever i get close to the spot in the living room ehere i almost got sucked into that hole ,i'm 19 now the thought of her showing up in my room and alive still haunts me till this day and i just recently lsarned of a girl who diead in my nighborhood 312 years ago at the exact same date and hour 3:12 am ,year1607 , athe girl was murdered in the same location i live in by the hands of an old man who tortured her everytime she spoke of the deeds he ever done to her and she aanted reavenge nn those whonate like her but her reavenge on me was different she left me alone as i fought back after i almost gave up kn my own life ,to all those who are reading i'm still alive and i want to share this story with you becaise it has a deep place iny heart i didnget hurt alot and been through alot but please never give up it is your life your soul your heart beat don't let nothing take it away from you no matter the consiquenses snd may god that i still kinda believe in be by your side
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2019.11.30 11:58 Gabi_Alex "RDR2 Exited Unexpectedly" - I tried everything

EDIT: A fresh install of the OS fixed it.

Hello and sorry for opening another thread, but I've got this error and tried literally everything I've found online so far. It is ridiculous, I've spent less than 1 minute buying the game, 20 minutes downloading it and 5 hours trying to make it work and chatting with the support. To clarify here is a list of everything I did:

-got my drivers up to date
-updated my BIOS
-whitelisted the game from Windows Defender
-turned WD off
-in compatibility mode for bot the game and the Launcher I checked Run as Administrator and Disable fullscreen optimization
-contacted the support
-at their suggestion, I run Comand Prompt as an administrator and used the line netsh winsock reset catalog
**-**at their suggestion, I made multiple SFC scans by using the command SFC /SCANNOW
-got this error multiple times
Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. For online repairs, details are included in the CBS log file located at windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For offline repairs, details are included in the log file provided by the /OFFLOGFILE flag.
-used Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth to fix that
- got the happy message Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations
-the issue with the game still persist
-went to sleep at 6 AM
-woke up from a nightmare about having cancer and only one day to live
-wrote a post on Reddit hoping to find a fix

So, did anyone found other "fix" to this. If I'm not going to find a fix, then I'll have to ask for a refund, but the game is working fine for my friends and we have some plans in Online so I still hope to find anything that will make it run.
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2019.10.27 16:50 OzZi_Wariat A50 Gen4 microphone problem

I have problem. I had A50 gen3 and the microphone was good. A40 Gen4 good too. In A50 Gen4, everyone on ps4 hears me quietly. And I have settings in comand for MAX and in ps4 at 85/90%.
As well as sidetone is always heard. Will I turn off or turn on headset or comand center
I wrote to you and heard something like this:
"Andrew (ASTRO Gaming)
Sep 23, 5:37 AM PDT

This is a known glitch on the ACC which is causing this.

A firmware revision is due to rectify this. As of yet we have no expected arrival date for the firmware I am afraid.

Andrew Radlett
ASTRO Gaming European CRT Supervisor"
Answer that we want to help but give us peace
I love astro headphones but these are painful problems. I don't want to get rid of them.
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2019.10.21 19:32 Mighty_Dighty22 Snail overlord please add the M41DK-1, the most upgraded M41 the world ever saw!!

Snail overlord please add the M41DK-1, the most upgraded M41 the world ever saw!!
M41DK-1 at an exercise near Oksbøl
TL;DR at the button
In the years after the Second World War several NATO nations got extensive help from the US in forms of military equipment. One of these nations was Denmark who recieved many different vehicles and planes to build up a defences force against the enemy USSR. The very last ground vehicle Denmark got for free through the military aid was the M41 Walker Bulldog. in 1962 53 tanks were delivered and put into service.
Jump foward to the 80s. The M41 was still in service, however, it was becomming rather out-dated and was very much in need of an upgrade. It was then decided to upgrade the M41 to extend its service life to well into the 90s. The trials started in the mid 80s.
After trials with prototype vehicles repowered by Falck Schmidt in Denmark, NAPCO International in the US and FFG in Germany, the first power pack was selected by the Danish Army.
In addition to the installation of a new diesel power pack, which increases the range of action as well as being more reliable, many other modifications were incorporated to improve its fighting capability and battlefield survivability.
A total of 53 M41 light tanks was upgraded to the new standard, called the M41 DK-1, with final deliveries being made in 1988.
The overall layout of the M41 vehiclewas not changed but some 70 improvements had been carried out. These included the replacement of the original petrol engine with a more fuel-efficient US Cummins VTA-903T diesel developing 465 hp (similar to that in the Bradley); installation of four forward-firing grenade dischargers either side of the turret (as already fitted to the Danish Leopard 1); installation of an NBC system in the turret bustle; a fire detection and suppression system; new battery installation; improved internal layout; redesigned stowage rack and bins; a heater; a new DISA 7.62 mm anti-aircraft machine gun mount on the turret roof in place of the 12.7 mm M2 MG; installation of side skirts similar to those on the Leopard 1; new electric gun controls, a thermal night vision system for the gunner with an integrated laser range-finder; a halogen searchlight mounted on the gun mantlet; a night vision periscope for the driver; and night vision goggles for the commander. A scavenger system was fitted for the 76 mm gun breech and 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun.
Prior to the completion of the modernisation programme, the Danish Army had already taken delivery of a new AAl-developed 76 mm APFSDS-T round which had a significant increase in armour penetration characteristics over the existing ammunition.
The M41DK-1 was in many regards a completely new tank. Especially the thermal sight and laser rangerfinder for the gunner was a big improvement, and would certainly be so in Warthunder too. The same goes for the NV-periscope for the comander.
In regards to the new ammuniton, I have had a hard time to find actual balistics for it. However, I have found mentions on several official sites that states it were such an improvement that it was equal or better at fighting enemy armour to the Centurion that also was in Danish service at the time. My guess is that the performance is rather similar to the dart fired by the OTOMATIC. I have contacted the Danish Pansermuseum and are awaiting to hopefully get some propper stats on it.
M41DK-1 at Aalborg Forsvars- og Garnisonsmuseum
Regarding a proposed BR I am a bit on the loose here. As it is a very fast and light armoured vehicle with a hull performance of 6.0 (current M41 BR) yet with a very deadly round that performs around 8.7 and with thermals equal to 9.0 + I would suppose a BR of 8.3 and maybe even 8.7 as a more dedicated scout vehicle. Yet, it lacks a stabelizer which I think warrants the BR of 8.3.
Lets be real here, this beast belongs in a Kalmar Union tree. However, if we are only going to see a Swedish tree it would make a great premium. It would be awesome to have the most upgraded M41 Walker Bulldog in the game!!
  • Replacing the original petrol engine with a more fuel-efficient US Cummins VTA-903T diesel, developing 465 hp (similar to that in the Bradley)
  • Installation of four forward-firing grenade dischargers either side of the turret (as already fitted to the Danish Leopard 1)
  • Installation of an NBC system in the turret bustle
  • A fire detection and suppression system
  • New battery installation
  • Improved internal layout
  • Redesigned stowage rack and bins
  • A heater
  • A new DISA 7.62 mm anti-aircraft machine gun mount on the turret roof in place of the 12.7 mm M2 MG
  • Installation of side skirts similar to those on the Leopard 1
  • New electric gun controls, including a thermal night vision system for the gunner with an integrated laser range-finder
  • A halogen searchlight mounted on the gun mantlet
  • A night vision periscope for the driver
  • Night vision goggles for the commander
  • A scavenger system fitted for the 76 mm gun breech and 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun.
  • Belonging around BR 8.3/8.7 in either a Scandinavian tree or as a Swedish Premium
Edit: formating and spelling.
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2019.09.30 17:42 X4_N1 Helbreath Portal

Dear players, we are pleased to inform you of the official opening date of Helbreath Portal, an international server with host located in New York with the aim of providing a good ping for all our players from around the world. Spread the word to your friends and acquaintances to have a great start and that we can all have fun. On our part we will do our part by providing an excellent server with files at the forefront.
19:00 hs GMT+1 (Polish Time zone)
14:00 hs GMT-3 (Argentina Time zone)
Below we detail the characteristics of the server along with some features of it:
Max Level: 150
Max Stat: 200
Experience: High x50(till max lvl) / reduced in Majestics x15
Drop Rate: Medium - Max droppable stats 70% HP/MP/MDSP/PR 24% PA/MA upgradeable with Socket Gem.
E.K.: x1 - Full Hero requirement reduced to 70% - War FH = 500 eks // Mage FH: 425
Upgrades: Angelic Pendant+15 / DK Sword-Wand +8
Skill System: Weapons/Magic skills x8 (progress speed) // Utility skills x4 (progress speed)
Rebirth System: Possibility of once you reach max level reset your level for an additional 3 stats, this process can be done till 10 times. So once you end doing them you will get additional 30 stats, each rebirth will modify the experience rate for the leveling getting harder and harder each time. (this additional stats are additional to the possibility of using a tutelary angel)
Rebirth lvl 1 - Exp x 18
Rebirth lvl 2 - Exp x 16
Rebirth lvl 3 - Exp x 14
Rebirth lvl 4 - Exp x 12
Rebirth lvl 5 - Exp x 10
Rebirth lvl 6 - Exp x 8
Rebirth lvl 7 - Exp x 6
Rebirth lvl 8 - Exp x 4
Rebirth lvl 9 - Exp x 2
Rebirth lvl 10 - Exp x 1
Gems: PA (3%-5%-7%)/MA (2%-4%-6%)/DR-MP-HP-MR (7%-14%-21%) Gems, which can be used on stated Armors using a Socket Gem or on Manufactured Armor which will have 1 or 2 sockets according to the % of completition.
Guild: >Requirements: 20 chr / 100 lvl / 100.000 gold
>Guild Menu/Panel: Here you will be able to see Online Members, their rank, Level, Eks, Map (with coords) and if they are not on last connection.
>Upgrades: Guild Warehouse: Lvl 1 - 75 slots / Lvl 2 - 150 slots / Lvl 3 - 225 slots / Lvl 4 - 300 slots
Summon: Lvl 1 - d2 / Lvl 2 - d2, ml / Lvl 3 - d2, ml, ib / Lvl 4 - d2, ml, ib, toh 3, d4, enemy city
Captain: Lvl 1 - 1 capt. / Lvl 2 - 2 capt. / Lvl 3 - 3 capt. / Lvl 4 - 4 capt.
Raid Master: Lvl 1 - 1 RM. / Lvl 2 - 2 RM. / Lvl 3 - 3 RM. / Lvl 4 - 4 RM.
Hunt Master: Lvl 1 - 1 HM. / Lvl 2 - 2 HM. / Lvl 3 - 3 HM. / Lvl 4 - 4 HM.
F1 Help Menu: Server News / Rankings in server (lvl/mjs/contrib/EKs/Rep) / Monsters Drop List / Player Comands / Keyboard Shortcuts / Dates of Regular Events / Maps and Pits.
Advanced Character Info in F5 -> Mods
Title System: Increase your Monster Level after killing certain amount of it, gives you additional damage and drop rate in it.
Show Item stats on items in the floor with SHIFT.
Control Panel with CTRL+X
Party: AutoAccept option, quick ask with CTRL+J or /joinparty (nick)
Events: Fully funtional Crusade / Heldenian 1 and 2 / Apoca, and many others
Reduced active maps: Farms/Citys/Dungenon lvl 2 ,3 and 4/MiddleLand/IceBound/Tower of Hell 3/Apoca maps when opened.
Between many other !!!

Come join us and enjoy!!

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2019.08.22 17:16 PityUpvote Steam can't connect on CentOS 7.6

UPDATE: fixed by switching to the mainline kernel!
Hey all, I have a fresh CentOS 7.6 installation (switching to another distro is not an option) and I have an issue launching steam.
When I try to login, Steam takes a while before telling me it can't connect to the steam servers. I've already disabled firewalld, iptables, selinux, etc., doesn't help.
Here's the output when running Steam from the comand line:
[email protected] ~> steam -tcp Running Steam on centos 7 64-bit STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically Pins up-to-date! /home/use.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/ /home/use.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/pinned_libs_32/ no version information available (required by /lib/ /home/use.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/ /home/use.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/pinned_libs_32/ no version information available (required by /uslib/pulseaudio/ Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) (steam:16676): Gtk-WARNING **: 16:48:45.749: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "adwaita", /home/use.themes/Ultimate-Maia-Blue/gtk-2.0/main.rc:790: error: unexpected identifier 'direction', expected character '}' (steam:16676): Gtk-WARNING **: 16:48:45.751: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "adwaita", /home/use.themes/Ultimate-Maia-Blue/gtk-2.0/hacks.rc:28: error: invalid string constant "normal_entry", expected valid string constant Gtk-Message: 16:48:45.752: Failed to load module "pk-gtk-module" STEAM_RUNTIME_HEAVY: ./steam-runtime-heavy Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) CAppInfoCacheReadFromDiskThread took 0 milliseconds to initialize Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) CApplicationManagerPopulateThread took 0 milliseconds to initialize (will have waited on CAppInfoCacheReadFromDiskThread) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) [0822/] Crash reporting enabled for process: browser Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) [0822/] Failed to set crash key: UserID with value: 0 [0822/] Failed to set crash key: BuildID with value: 1565654153 [0822/] Failed to set crash key: SteamUniverse with value: Public [0822/] Failed to set crash key: Vendor with value: Valve /uslib/gio/modules/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32 Failed to load module: /uslib/gio/modules/ GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend. Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications. ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:46.808: Unknown device type 13 ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:46.808: Could not create object for /org/freedesktop/NetworkManageDevices/3: unknown object type ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:46.808: handle_property_changed: failed to update property 'devices' of object type NMActiveConnection. ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:46.816: Unknown device type 14 ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:46.816: Could not create object for /org/freedesktop/NetworkManageDevices/1: unknown object type ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:46.817: Unknown device type 13 ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:46.817: Could not create object for /org/freedesktop/NetworkManageDevices/3: unknown object type ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:46.818: Unknown device type 16 ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:46.818: Could not create object for /org/freedesktop/NetworkManageDevices/4: unknown object type [2019-08-22 16:48:44] Startup - updater built Aug 12 2019 23:47:21 [2019-08-22 16:48:45] Verifying installation... [2019-08-22 16:48:45] Verification complete registry.cpp (255) : Assertion Failed: On-disk registry has changed and is marked dirty - we're about to lose data. registry.cpp (255) : Assertion Failed: On-disk registry has changed and is marked dirty - we're about to lose data. Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) crash_20190822164847_20.dmp[16774]: Uploading dump (out-of-process) /tmp/dumps/crash_20190822164847_20.dmp Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) Opted-in Controller Mask for AppId 0: 0 ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.818: Unknown setting 'proxy' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.818: Ignoring invalid property 'interface-name' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.818: Ignoring invalid property 'route-data' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'address-data' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'route-data' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'address-data' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Unknown setting 'proxy' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'interface-name' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'route-data' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'dns-priority' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'address-data' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Unknown setting 'bridge' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'route-data' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'dns-priority' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: Ignoring invalid property 'address-data' ** (steam:16676): WARNING **: 16:48:47.819: replace_settings: error updating connection /org/freedesktop/NetworkManageSettings/2 settings: (3) type (steam:16676): Gtk-WARNING **: 16:48:48.627: gtk_disable_setlocale() must be called before gtk_init() Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1565656602) crash_20190822164847_20.dmp[16774]: Finished uploading minidump (out-of-process): success = yes crash_20190822164847_20.dmp[16774]: response: CrashID=bp-a2c1b4ee-c58b-45e9-bde5-cb8d22190822 crash_20190822164847_20.dmp[16774]: file ''/tmp/dumps/crash_20190822164847_20.dmp'', upload yes: ''CrashID=bp-a2c1b4ee-c58b-45e9-bde5-cb8d22190822'' Exiting workitem thread [2019-08-22 16:49:03] Shutdown 
The crash dump is a binary file, so I'm not sure if that does any good, but I can upload it if needed.
I've also already purged .steam, .local/share/Steam, reinstalled, and verified the installed rpm content.
Any ideas?
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2019.08.14 07:46 colosium-screen mary parker

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2019.06.14 22:16 Clevername123x FTP with TLS1.2 use .bat file with ftp.exe

OS = Windows 8.1 (though ideally solution would work on Win 10 also)
Situation: Client (customer) has changed their FTP to only accept TLS1.2. Issue: Our software appears to only be capeable of TLS1.1 or lower.
Resolution: Would like to script a .bat file to use ftp.exe to send and recieve the files.
Would need 4 scrips. One to get File(s) with todays date from site. Two to return all files in folder to site. One to get one(1) file with todays date from site.
I found some online examples but none of them are examples with secure sites.
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2019.05.01 09:10 cosmitz [OC] Manualul meu de chibzuire a banilor

Salut roddit, de vreo un an si un pic imi adun intr-un spreadsheet cheltuielile si alte chestii, si dat fiind ca am adunat sase luni intregi si coezive dupa mai multe iteratii de notare, m-am gandit ca ar fi cool sa fac un rundown aici ca tot vad lume interesata de finante personale. Nu zic ca am inventat apa calda sau ceva, ci doar cum imi fac eu calculele.
Inainte de toate, metodologia.


Subiectul: Un pulete de 30j de ani, fara vicii, la casa lui, singur-cuc.
Banii ii impart in trei grupe: Necesare, cheltuieli, economii.
1) Necesare
Incep prin a zice ca facturile de curent/intretinere/abonamente/alte obligatii lunare financiare intra la necesare. Nu conteaza ca o luna vine mai mult curentul sau ceva, am o medie calculata pe luna (dealungul a ultimilor 2 ani) sa am un acoperis deasupra capului si sa pot sa fiu mobil sa fac ce am de facut (job/viata etc). Suma aia o stiu ca un numar care imi dispare lunar din salariu si cu asta basta. Oricum, le tin notate sa observ trenduri de crestere a preturilor si etc. Daca vreti, asta e singura chestie care e 'budgeted' per se.
2) Cheltuieli
Acu, juicy part, am un tabel in care imi notez suma totala cheltuita per fiecare zi, dar si aleg sa imi notez daca fac ceva 'special' (eu le zic 'evenimente' dar puteti sa le ziceti pofte pe romaneste dar un eveniment poate sa fie si ca ma duc la dentist, gen) care in ziua aia care se traduce prin flexarea portofelului. Ce intra in tabelul de cheltuieli (care e /doa de cheltuieli, niciodata de bani intrati), este tot restul, de la mancare, la imbracaminte, la consumabile de casa, cosmetice personale, tot. De ce am mentionat ca de cheltuieli si nu de bani intrati, ca o scadere, e ca scopul e sa moderez cheltuielile nu sa moderez absorptia de bani. E o diferenta. Daca incepi cu 'am X salariu' la final de luna sigur esti pe zero fiindca o sa ai tendinta mereu sa ii toci pe toti, si nu asta e scopul.
Solutia de budgeting nu mi se pare flexibila, d-aia eu nici nu separ blugii de mancare, poate luna asta ma dau in barci in restaurante si luna viitoare mananc senvishuri cu salam, poate luna asta cumpar cinci jocuri si luna viitoare zero. Overbudgeting creeaza mai mult stres si mai multa bataie de cap imho si daca tot stai si muti dintr-o parte, numai facil nu mai e. Nu mai zic ca daca chiar faci budgeting pe fix salariul tau, o sa fii tentat sa-l folosesti integral. Singura chestie buna la budgeting e ca arunci necesarele si economiile 'undeva' in grupele lor non-cheltuieli, dar cam atat.
Eu am ales sa masor totul in medii. Media pe zi, media pe saptamana, si media pe luna. Motivul e ca iti da sansa sa iti dai seama daca mergi pe picior mare sau nu, si daca e un pattern sau nu. Aici sunt niste praguri mentale mai mult pe care mi le-am calculat si setat. Gaurile negre pentru managementul financiar individual vin in doua moduri, costuri zilnice recurente pe care le ignori, si costuri mari pe care alegi sa le dai dintr-un foc. Cele mai grele de ajustat sunt cele zilnice si d-asta ma focusez foarte tare pe ele. Cand vreau ceva si m-ar trece de un prag per ziua aia, stiu ce inseamna asta pentru mine.
Nu e obligatoriu ca toata lumea sa aiba aceleasi praguri si aceleasi sume, e complet ok ca fiecare sa aiba lifestyle-ul pe care il vrea in functie de banii pe care ii au. Astea sunt doar pragurile mele cu care m-am obisnuit si mi le-am calculat.
  • ~35 lei pe zi (*31 de zile) vine limita de subzistenta pentru care ma antrenez/o am in vedere considerand un salariu minim pe care il gasesc lucrand orice-i de mine in Bucuresti. Ajuta sa am un punct de referinta minim pentru restul de praguri. Acei 35 lei pe zi e suma pe care pot sa o aloc la 'trait' in orice combinatie de mancare/distractie/whatever si cu care stiu ca as putea sa am acoperis deasupra capului si sa nu mor de foame. Intr-adevar, orice probleme medicale, familie sau etc vor trebui rezolvate cel mai probabil din economii, si desigur ca nu sunt destui bani sa chiar 'traiesc' dpmdv. Din nou toate pragurile sunt fara costurile de facturi/shelteetc mentionate initial la necesare, alea nu se calculeaza ca chestii 'in care poti sa intrii', pur si simplu nu iau in considerare banii aia lunar.
  • ~55 lei pe zi (*31 de zile) vine cat imi permit sa cheltui, daca luam in considerare un cuantum de economii pe care vreau sa il ating in fiecare luna.
  • ~85 lei pe zi (*31 de zile) vine limita mea maxima lunara la care sunt limitat pentru a face ce vreau eu cu ei.
Mentionez ca toate astea sunt complet separate de orice alt income pe care pot sa il am, gen random vanzare pe OLX, gen bani primiti de la rude, imprumuturi rambursate sau din servicii extra pe care le fac. Din nou, aleg sa ignor banii aia, daca sunt in plus, sunt in plus, se duc la savings (in plus d-aia si calculez la 31 de zile, nu 30). Nu e un concurs sa vad cati bani am de cheltuit, e despre moderarea cheltuielilor in sine.
Ca ultim punct, notarea de 'eveniment'/"VREAU" se face in mod individual, pot sa am mai multe 'evenimente' intr-o zi, dar se considera doar daca suma per zi depaseste aproximativ 35 ron, pragul de subzistenta. Nu notez gen daca oricum azi n-am cheltuit nimic si am ales sa-mi comand o pizza cu niste beri care vine pe la pragul ala. Dar daca am luat deja niste cacaturi in ziua aia de 20 de lei, si peste vine comanda, da, o trec. Notez ca eveniment inclusiv lucruri pe care ar trebui sa le consider 'de nedescris ca optionale' gen medical stuff, dar traim in Romania din pacate, si daca te doare in picior, poti sa nu vrei sa dai 4000 ron in analize la privat si doar sa te duci la stat pe gratis.
3) Economii
Nu intru in detalii foarte mult aici ca deja am intrat un pic mai sus si o sa vorbesc mai jos de ele, dar pe scurt, e o suma care e flexibila dar care are un minim pe care il pun deoparte in fiecare luna.

Sa analizam Evenimentele

Cea mai interesanta chestie care reiese din sapte luni de date este cat de constant e numarul de evenimente si cat de bine ilustreaza spending habbits. Am un numar de intre 18 si 23 de evenimente lunare. In medie, pot sa zic ca odata la 36 de ore eu dau o suma de bani pe ceva. Eu undeva la de 20 de ori pe luna imi zic "VREAU" care m-ar impinge peste limita de 35 ron pe zi pe care o am setata ca bara de jos. Din nou, sunt evenimente individuale, daca ies in oras, trec pe la dentist pentru un consult, imi iau si un blug si apoi zic ca iau si un Uber pana acasa in loc sa metrou sau sa merg pe jos, toate se cuantifica ca un "VREAU" individual.
Acum, zile in care depasesc pragul de 35 ron pe zi am intre 12-14 pe luna, prag pe care nu mi-as permite sa-l trec uzual daca as trai pe salariul pe care il gasesc fix instant ducandu-ma la primul job. Nu zic sa traiesc ca si cum as avea salariul ala, desigur, dar imi da o imagine la cat ar trebui sa strang cureaua daca ajung in situatia aia, si ma ajuta mental sa am o limita mai joasa pusa decat as fi confortabil sa cheltuiesc.
Daca mutam pragul la 55 de lei pe zi, care este pragul de 'strang si cat vreau, dau si cu banii', avem un range de 9-11 zile per luna, si se traduce prin 'cam odata la trei zile eu aleg sa cumpafac ceva care este complet in limita mea responsabila de a cheltui'.
Daca mutam pragul la ultima limita, de 85 de lei pe zi, limita de "daca in fiecare zi cheltui atat, nu o sa fac nici un pic de economie si traiesc de la salariu la salariu", avem 8-9 zile per luna cand se intampla asta. Ciudat nu? Ca e un numar similar cu pragul de mai sus? Eh, ce zice asta despre obisnuintele mele de a cheltui este ca daca eu aleg intr-o zi sa 'dau cu banii' nu dau cu banii pe chestii minore zilnice (tigari/obisnuinte/mancat in oras zilnic), ci ca atunci cand aleg sa cheltuiesc, de obicei se duce pe fie un obiect scump/cumparatura, sau pe o seara in oras cu platit intrari in cluburi, shoturi, chestii.
Totusi, pe partea ailanta ma bucur ca reusesc sa trec o jumate de luna fara sa dau putini (<35) spre nimic bani pe zi.
Dar asta nu e 'the whole picture' fiindca nu luam in calcul sumele exacte care trec peste acel ultim prag. Gen o placa video de 1300 ron tot la ultima limita ar intra ca un singur eveniment. Asta se acopera in continuare cu mediile lunare.

The whole picture

In ultimele sase luni, eu am cheltuit intre 60 de lei pe zi intr-o luna, pana la 152 de lei pe zi pe luna in alta (ca overall banii aia vin din salariul meu si/sau economii nu conteaza, vorbim de cheltuieli, economiile se rezolva in alta parte). Media ultimelor sase luni este de 90 de lei pe zi intr-o luna. Top 6 cheltuieli, in ordine, care au fost cam una pe luna:
  • Mobila - 1700 ron
  • Masina de spalat - 1600 ron
  • Placa video - 1300 ron
  • Toba - 1150 ron
  • Cursuri - 600 ron
  • Telefon nou - 500 ron
Aceste cheltuieli au fost 41% din totalul cheltuielilor mele dealungul ultimelor 6 luni. Deci, minus aceste cheltuieli, ponderea pe zi per luna ajunge la ~54 de lei, care este exact pragul de economii. Ce inseamna asta, daca eu nu as fi facut aceste cheltuieli, as fi economisit exact suma dorita de mine in fiecare luna. O buna bucata de cheltuieli au fost one-time-only, lucruri pentru care ai folosi banii extra din economii oricum. Intr-adevar, sunt si cateva lucruri acolo de care nu aveam 'nevoie' per se, gen toba sau placa video, bani care ar fi putut fi economisiti, dar intr-un final, nu am luat in rate, nu m-am indatorat la camatari sau altceva. Cel mult am trait in limita salariului meu.
Prin locurile in care se vorbeste de bani se recomanda sa economisesti gen 10%-20% din venituri, si eu sunt complet in limitele alea momentan cu tot cu cheltuielile astea mari.


Toti banii de care nu ma ating ajung in economii. Aici am un singur prag inflexibil: Costurile mele de lifestyle+living+expenses pe luna (if you've been paying attention 55 ron/zi*31) ori sase luni. Un buffer de 100 de milioane, rotunjor, care in regim de subzistenta ma tine inca 2-3 luni peste alea 6. Nu ma ating de el, nu exista pentru mine decat in cazul de cheltuieli fix surpriza si care /trebuiesc/ rezolvate si fara de care nu consider ca pot sa-mi traiesc viata de zi cu zi. Pot sa cheltuiesc oricat din economii peste acel prag cu spike-uri (vacante and expensive stuff). Tehnic ar trebui sa il pun in ceva cacaturi de investitii, dar pur si simplu aleg sa nu-mi bat capul. Pierd bani, i know, inflatie, alea alea. \_o.o_/
Motivul banuiesc ca e simplu de explicat de ce se masoara in luni de trai pragul ala. Pe langa a avea un buffer de cash in caz de random life shit, imi garanteaza ca oricand, nu conteaza unde sunt si ce fac, imi permit sa imi bag pula si sa stau cu mana in cur sase luni daca vreau. Daca ajung la un job care nu imi place, am libertatea financiara sa imi bag pula si sa nu stau abuzat acolo day in day out in timp ce un frustrat de sef tipa la mine ca nu l-a futut nevasta-sa aseara.
Un principiu important e ca banii de economii NICIODATA sa nu fie usor accesibili sau la vedere, si iarasi ma iau de budgeting ca stii mereu cat pui deoparte. Nu ma intereseaza ca-s la soseta sau in cont, trebuie sa nu-i vezi, in mod ideal uiti si cati ai acolo. Nu trebuie sa faca parte din ciclul tau de gandire cand vezi noul iPhone sau cand e 4 dimineata si CHIAR VREI LEGO-UL ALA CU MILLENIUM FALCONU'. Aia sunt bani la care te gandesti doar cand iti cumperi masina de spalat ca aia veche e pa sau vrei sa-ti rezervi bilete de avion si cazare.

Closing thoughts

Daca nu a reiesit deja, am nevoie de mai multa grija cu spikeurile uzuale, acele evenimente care se repeta de 8-9 ori pe luna. Pot sa economisesc mai mult daca aleg sa nu 'go all out' atat de des, sau atat de intens.
Also, nu am mentionat, dar desi nu tin neaparat separat costurile de mancare (se la pun la gramada cu restul), mancarea ma duce undeva la 900-1000 ron/luna foarte grosso modo (~30 ron/zi/luna), adica putin peste jumate din pragul de cheltuieli+economii (55ron/zi/luna). Gatesc de doua-trei ori pe saptamana si mananc in oras cam odata pe saptamana. In rest alune, senvishuri, omlete, d-astea.
La final, cum arata toata monstruozitatea asta in lucru e simplu. (ajuta daca tineti toate bonurile/platiti totul cu cardul)
Ma duc la munca intr-o joi, dau 10 lei pe niste mancare, se pune mental, inca sunt sub cei 35 de lei de la primul prag. Aleg sa mananc acasa din ceva ce am (costurile se pun doar cand dau banii jos, nu cand 'consum' ceva din frigider), dar in drum spre casa trec pe la Kaufland si vad ceva la raionul de random shit. Costa 35 de lei. Acum in minte stiu ca intru in zona a doua 35-55. Nu-i bai, dar stiu ca saptamana asta am tot trecut de pragul ala. O cumpar anyway. Ajung la 45 de lei mental. Pe seara ma suna cineva sa ies la o bere. Stiu ca m-ar costa vreo 30 de lei iesirea, plus 20 de lei Uberul in caz ca stam pana dupa inchiderea la metrou unde am abonament. Ar fi 50 de lei plus cei 45, deja 95 de lei pentru ziua asta, care e deja mult, peste ultimul prag de 85, si tin minte ca nu mi-am lasat foarte mult loc de manevra saptamana asta. Asa ca aleg sa ies, platind cam cat as bea in seara aia, 75 ron cu totul, dar poate merg pe jos sau cut it short sa prind metroul. Ajung acasa, scriu 75 in spreadsheet pentru joia aia, imi marchez la evenimente "iesit oras // cumparat cacat kaufland" si mi se updateaza media de per luna si per saptamana automat.
Nu conteaza ca aia de fapt e ultima joi din luna si eu de fapt am fost cumintel luna aia, nu consider ca 'mai am de spart 400 ron', pur si simplu ma intereseaza cheltuielile de fix acum, fix azi, nu cat mai am, ca pornesc de la premiza ca banii o sa tot vina, ma intereseaza sa 'stem the tide' la iesire. La final, toata asta ofera mai multa flexibilitate si te responsabilizeaza mai bine decat o bugetare stricta 'have money/don't have money', si te face sa te gandesti mai des la banii pe care ii dai in loc sa fii surprins ca ramai fara.
Anyhows, sper ca rundownul asta la cum imi fac eu cheltuielile o sa ajute pe cineva, sau macar or sa-l considere interesant.
submitted by cosmitz to Romania [link] [comments]

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